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Jun 11, 2014 03:14 PM

Basil Park Sunny Isles Beach

I have been to Basil Park four times, twice for lunch and twice for dinner. It is a new restaurant from the team at Timo in Sunny Isles Beach. Location is in the same strip mall as Timo just two doors south. I want to offer my review.

They started from scratch and redid the existing space which has been the site of several eateries. Basil Park is a beautiful restaurant design. Lots of light woods. No tablecloths. Lighting and noise level are very pleasant. No problem carrying on a conversation. Service has been good every time and management comes around to the tables and checks.

The food. They offer all natural rotisserie chicken four ways in either half or full orders. We had the half and it was enormous, more than enough for two. Juicy and delicious in the Peruvian style. Indian spiced eggplant is very tasty and is not spicy just spiced. Mushroom and snow pea stir fry is a nice side dish. Ginger steamed shellfish is outstanding with enormous mussels and a very fragrant broth. Spicy salmon nori wraps and shrimp and vegetable wraps were both tasty. The only misfire were the sprouted falafel bites which were deep fried and too heavy for me.

The wine list is international with some interesting choicest for under $50. Double banana split for dessert and Panther Coffee to finish. I highly recommend Basil Park. They are open daily and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check the website for prices which are moderate.

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  1. I've been approximately 10 times now and there are a lot of good things on that menu.

    They are open for breakfast thru dinner.


    The Filipina, coconut water, banana, pineapple, young coconut, coconut butter, lime.

    Siam Queen, coconut, mango, coconut butter, lime, cilantro, banana.

    House cured salmon, crisp potato cake & "creme fraiche"

    Poached eggs in avocado with sautéed spinach & garlic, creamy sundried tomatoes.

    Lettuce Cups with generous portion of grass fed beef, mushroom confit, homemade & great homemade sriracha.

    Mahi Taquitos, brown rice tortilla, avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro.

    Soba Noodle Hot Pot with chicken, shellfish, snow peas, enoki mushrooms & poached brown egg.

    Zucchini, summer squash & portobello lasagna with pine but "ricotta," aged balsamic, micro basil.

    Royal red shrimp a la Plancha

    Ahi tuna tiradito, Aji Amarillo, sweet potato & choclo.

    Spicy salmon nori wraps, red quinoa, avocado, pea tendrils, cucumber, daikon, carrots, fresno chilis