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Jun 11, 2014 02:04 PM

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After I uploaded my computer OS, I find my CHOW stuff displays differently. I used to have a page I bookmarked "My Chow," which brought up only threads in which I commented on and it highlighted threads there in which others have since comment (I always started there, to make sure I was answering any question dirtily power to me, or whatever else).

How do I restore that kind of setting?

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  1. This will be all the threads you've commented on:

    This will be all the threads you're following: It will automatically include things you've commented on, but you can click the yellow stars to unfollow them if you're no longer interested in them, and also click yellow stars on threads you haven't commented on to add them to this list. It's the default page you reach when you click on your username or avatar anywhere on the site.

    You may also want to check your sort settings on those pages to ensure they're sorted by most recently updated; that will bring posts back to the top when people reply to them. You can do that by clicking on the words 'last reply' above the right hand column.