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Stopping through Chicago, wish I had more time

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Hey all,

Will be stopping through Chicago this fall on our way to the Midwest from the East Coast. Will really only have time for one dinner and perhaps breakfast the next day.

I went crazy over Publican last time I was in town and am excited for Boltwood. The other option is Fat Rice.

Wanted to hit Xoco or PQM in the morning. Any other suggestions???

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  1. I've posted the restaurants that I consider "do not miss" places for a quick trip to Chicago at www.chow.com/topics/977381#8971167

    Those restaurants span a wide variety of cuisines and price points, so you could go to any of the first nine in the list. If I had to pick just one dinner, though, it might very well be Topolobampo or Frontera Grill, just because their contemporary Mexican cuisine isn't widely available elsewhere around the country. www.rickbayless.com/restaurants

    For breakfast, the pick is a no-brainer. Go to Jam. Period. Totally unique, totally awesome. Which is how it got onto that list. www.jamrestaurant.com

    1. I like all of the places you mention, except of course Boltwood, which is not yet open. If you do stick with one of your choices, I think you will not be disappointed.