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Jun 11, 2014 01:34 PM

Nice terrasse with excellent food in Montreal

Very often the food is not as good as the view. Il Cortile has a nice terrase but many say the food is so and so the same apply to Accords in Old Montreal.. I like the one L'Autre Version, St-Paul St. in Old Montreal How is food Nelligan hotel. The terrasse looks great.
How is the Ritz with ducks ? still good and nice ?

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  1. Auberge St Gabriel 426 St Gabriel
    Foodlab 1201 St Laurent
    Icehouse 51 Roy E
    Le Reservoir 9 Duluth E

    1. This combination used to be a challenge in Montreal, but no more. I guess it depends what kind of terrasse you're looking for, but plenty of restaurants have outdoor seating:
      -Joe Beef/Liverpool House/Vin Papillon
      -Buvette chez Simone
      -Furco/Parvis (I had great snacks at the latter on their very nice parking-spot patio)

      Etc etc

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      1. The Ritz (Maison Boulud) has a nice "posh" terrasse; the food is also very good.

        Lemeac has a nice covered terrasse in case the weather is not cooperating. (There are other street side terrasses on Laurier these days)

        There are numerous terrasses on Rue Bernard in Outremont (good for people watching) ; not all of them have good food, but "Les Enfants Terribles" has good offerings and I don't know about "Brasserie Bernard" (kind of new-ish)

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        1. re: Maximilien

          Les Enfants Terribles, not so good.

        2. Il Cortile's food is delicious and the courtyard is peaceful, spacious, and beautiful.

          +1 Foodlab & Reservoir, especially Foodlab. Great value, great food, and huge, sunny terrace. Also a very hip crowd if that's a bonus.

          -1 Icehouse. Overrated. Pricey for what you get, and the patio is small and crowded. With those high bars you feel like you're caged at the zoo.

          I dunno anything about Furco's food but if it's as good as the bar, it's a winner. Terrace looks nice.

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          1. re: Shattered

            I have not been to Il Cortile for at least 3 or 4 years so I was wondering if it was the same. From what you say it is still nice. I was at Foodlab in winter and what I remember Réservoir is very small, Many have the same opinion about Icehouse "overrated". Thanks for comments. It helps.

            1. re: Chocolat7

              I like IceHouse for what it is; no more no less.

              1. re: Chocolat7

                Reservoir can be crowded, too, it's true - and the acoustics are pretty bad downstairs. Still, it's a den of serenity and spaciousness compared with Dieu du Ciel. And a very nice, if small, rooftop terrace.

                1. re: Chocolat7

                  I went to Il Cortile last fall and will not return. First the service was poor and the waiters hover over the over 60 regulars that eat there,Second the menu was "old school" and boring and tasteless. We have so many good Italian restaurants that to go for the courtyard is a waste.

                  1. re: finefoodie55

                    Il Cortile has one of the most beautiful terrasse when they play classical music you don't think you are in Montreal but one of their problem is that waiters don't like their job and maybe that the "chef" or owner of the place are not interested to have "pleased clients". Could the Accord terrasse be as nice I have never been there