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Apr 12, 2005 05:55 PM

Amelio's restaurant

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Has anyone been to Amelio's in the Mcgill ghetto?
I've heard so much about it, especially their five-cheese pizza, just wondering what you people think of it



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  1. Haven't sat down at the restaurant in a long time, but have had the pizza delivery many times. Bearing in mind that Montreal has a serious shortage of really good pizza, Amelio's is definitely among the best, and the five-cheese is very tasty.

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    1. re: Marty

      Yes, I also order their delivery pizza and the vegetarian pizza is our favourite. Just like homemade or better.

      1. re: Plateaumaman
        Francesco in Montreal

        My hubby and I lived around the corner for two years and still regularly visit.
        If you decide to go and sit, remember that they only accept cash for payment. Expect to wait a bit in the hallway, as the place is usually packed. Pizza is very good, coming in one thickness only, and we would recommend asking for the crust to be well-done, which adds an extra layer of goodness. The five-cheeses is among my favourites, my hubby loves to order the mushroom pizza with extra, extra onion and Italian sausage (hmmm, spicy!).
        When you sit down, you get a small salad and a pitcher of lemony water. Prices are relatively affordable - but expect to pay a bit more than, say, Domino's or Pizza Hut.
        Quality is very good by Montreal standards. I grew up in Rome though, so I am sort of biased about what pizza should taste like. Amelio's comes close.
        Remember to tip: waitresses (yes, never seen a waiter there in six years) are mostly students and get 7$/hour so your tipping will be appreciated.

    2. Good pizza, you can bring your own wine or beer, and the cheesecake is delicious and homemade.
      But late diners beware, the door closes between 8:30pm and 8:45pm, and if it's closed it's closed! So don't gamble and make it there before 8:30pm.
      It's closed on sundays.

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      1. re: Tristan

        I hate their hours. I only seem to think about ordering just as they are closed. And since they are closed Sundays, I never eat pizza while watching Sunday NFL football. Makes me a bit bitter.

        But they are the only place i will regularly order pizza from. I like their vegetarian and all dressed, together, alternating between slices of each. 5 cheese is pretty darn tasty too.

        1. re: moh

          You're so lucky, I wish they'd deliver all the way to Parc-Ex to my house. I make due with LaFayette's pizza's, which are not bad at all. And end up constantly looking for movies I could go see at Cinema du Parc just so I get to eat at Amelio's...

      2. Amelio's is by far the best pizza on earth. I love food, and their pizza is glorious. I've never had pizza in Italy though, so.....

        ... but the sauce is savoury and sweet and full of flavour, and the cheese is gorgeous (though they really lay it on, so I usually ask for 1/2 cheese). Everything is fresh. The crust is to die for - thick, yet very light and ever-so-slightly sweet. Heaven.

        My specialty is pineapple and hot peppers.


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        1. So, is Amelio's still worth checking out? :) Is that on the corner of Milton and um... Milton and... Ste-Famille? Jeanne Mance? or some other place?

          1. re: afoodyear

            Beats me - not one of my favourite pizza places and too far to go from NDG for a pie. I'm just not a soft crust loads of toppings kinda gal.

        2. I just don't get what people see in this place. I keep getting dragged there and continue to not understand. Maybe I'm broken: I prefer McGill pizza...

          1. I love their apple pie dessert. It's topped with cheese! You just reminded me. Great. Now I must go. Thanks, chowhound.