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Jun 11, 2014 11:20 AM

Sfogliatelle/Focaccia at 54 Mint Il Forno, Walnut Creek

54 Mint Il Forno soft opened in early May. Grand opening is next week, June 19 in the evening. I'm assuming this is related to 54 Mint in SF and totally unrelated to Il Fornaio... but regardless the name is confusing.

This place is a winner.

Got the sfogliatella this morning. We just returned from Naples so seeing these anywhere near home is a joy! It was a very good rendition, with great crunchy thin layers of the pastry and great flavor on the filling. The filling was a touch less tender than the best. I think it had small bits of orange peel but no chunks of candied orange. This would hold its own in Naples, though wouldn't compete with the very best.

The focaccia was very good -- I'd say it was similar to what we had in Puglia.

Tried a sample of ricotta almond cake that was fantastic as well.

They also have a $2 deal on some items after 2pm.

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  1. It is the 54 Mint folks who also opened a 54 Mint in Concord a couple of years ago.!concord/c1qss

    54 MINT - IL FORNO
    1686 Locust st. - Walnut Creek
    tel. 925-476-5844

    1. Very happy to have uncovered another sfogliatelle lover! More eyes on the hunt, I say. A16 Rockridge allegedly has them for weekend brunch, haven't checked it out yet myself.

      Is this new 54 Mint a bakery-cafe type set-up?

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Yes, bakery case with counter service and some very casual seating.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Me too, me too! I'll check to see whether 54 Mint in SF also has them...

          Nope...not in their online menu...anyone, personal experience?