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Jun 11, 2014 11:08 AM

Chicago Foodies to Cannon Beach

Four of us are taking a girls' trip to Cannon Beach, OR in a couple of weeks. We will be staying right on the beach, in town for 5 days.

We are all big Chicago foodies, and we're looking forward to eating our way through--and around--CB.

I'm looking for any and all recommendations for "must eat" spots. We'd love mostly casual, local finds, but we're also interested in a "nicer" place for a girls' night out.

We're also willing to drive up to 45 minutes away for a good meal or two.


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  1. Forty-five minutes is more than enough time to drive north as far as Astoria. There isn't much to the south or east. In Astoria, you might like the Wet Dog Saloon.

      1. Astoria is 75 minutes, not 45.
        Ecola Seafood is good.

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          No, it is only 25 miles from Cannon Beach to Astoria, which takes a little over half an hour under normal conditions. More than hour would be unusual. Where are you from, anyway?

          1. re: GH1618

            Native lifelong Portlander. Going through Seaside alone on a summer Saturday is slow going. You are assuming there is no traffic. You can't average 60mph. Half hour drive time at 3am, for sure.

            1. re: Leonardo

              Agreed, you can't average sixty. You have to slow down through Seaside and Gearhart, about five miles. I'm from Clatsop County and the highway between CB and Seaside, and between Gearhart and Astoria is a lot better and shorter than it used to be. The slowdown is because of the speed limit more than the traffic. You don't want to be speeding there.

              The catch is summer traffic, which I agree can be a problem. But it used to be there was a huge difference between summer and winter traffic, whereas now it's crowded all year long. There are more passing zones, however.

              Seaside to Astoria (16 miles) takes me about 25 minutes, and I don't mean at three am. That's with normal traffic.

        2. Thanks for these responses. ANYTHING that we should try in CB?


            Cannon Beach Cafe. I'd visit for lunch first because the place is tiny. Food is good however.

            Insomnia Coffee
            139 W 2 St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110
            (503) 436-4164

            They make a great green tea there too.

            Chocolate Cafe
            Try the chili spiced hot chocolate at least once. There stuff is great on a cool day, but there is no food menu.

            Ecola Seafoods

            Very casual, somewhat pricey. I honestly did not care for the chowder, but they have fresh seafood that is supposed to be right off the boat.


            Not groundbreaking or unique, but the food is good. So much of the food at CB is mediocre, but we've always had good luck there. It is a brewhouse, or like a brewhouse atmosphere.

            We love Cannon Beach. For a more private beach experience, be sure to visit the beach at Ecola State Park.

            Now, if someone can just recommend good places in Manzanita!