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Jun 11, 2014 10:59 AM

Whole Foods fresh pasta...?

I'm having guests for dinner tomorrow and I'm going to go Italian. My first thought was to go to the local Italian specialty store and buy some porcini ravioli and freshly baked bread, and create a meal around that. But there's a Whole Foods right across the road from the Italian shop, so now I'm wondering if I should get my pasta at WF instead. Their fresh pasta always looks so good in the case, but I've been disappointed in some of their prepared foods, often finding them underseasoned.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has bought fresh pasta at WF -- how was it? Would you recommend it? How does it compare to fresh pasta you'd get from an Italian specialty store? Thanks!

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  1. We're fans. The pastas are well made and tasty at the Whole Foods in our town in VA. It compares quite favorably to the stuff we get from our local specialty shop. In the case of the pumpkin ravioli we got we preferred WF.

    FWIW we also quite liked the manicotti which were filled with a cheese mixture and came packages 6 manicotti to a tray in the cold case next to the cheese and pasta counter. I put them in a baking dish, topped with a homemade tomato sauce and baked them and they were terrific.

    1. I've tried a few of WF's vegan ravioli and they were very good (one was mushroom, i think the other a spinach combo). I serve them with a well seasoned homemade sauce so i didn't notice if the ravioli itself needed more seasoning.
      The mushroom had great depth of flavor. Fillings like ricotta, 4 cheese, or starchy squash would have a higher risk of being "bland" IMO.

      Maybe just cook up one or two of the ravioli to taste and then adjust your sauce to compliment it if needed. Just be sure to boil in salted water.

      For a novelty cheese filling or obscure italian meat combo then i would go to the specialty market.