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Jun 11, 2014 10:54 AM

11 dinners in Columbus Ohio


We are in Columbus for 11 days starting the end of June due to my 2 daughters fencing tournament. They are 14 and we eat pretty much anything. Some of the families we travel with are GF/vegan, so those options are also welcome. The only restaurant we have in mind is Barcelona. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Thurman's, in German Village, is regarded as one of the top places for burgers in the entire state. Place gets packed, though.

    1. Are you staying downtown? G. Michael's in German Village is great. Close to downtown. High end but worth it for a special dinner.

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        We're staying close to the university but will have our car. Most nights we will be dinng in town due to time constraints, but will have a few nights to roam.

      2. Basi Italia

        really tiny. . reservations on OpenTable. . .off the beaten path (in an alley). . . delicious

        1. Harvest, for artisan pizza. Two locations, Clintonville and German Village. The former will probably be closer to you, but I've only been to the latter. (They have GF crust, and I *think* they'll do a vegan pizza.)

          Rigsby's in the Short North for a nice meal. Lovely food, $1 Oysters on Monday nights.

          Lavash, not far north of campus on High Street for Lebanese/Middle Eastern. It's casual; order at the counter and they bring food to you. Awesome food, great for vegans and GF.

          Akai Hana for sushi and other Japanese fare.

          Dirty Franks for a Columbus experience. Cheap, fun, hot dogs topped many ways. They have GF buns and tons of vegan options. (Actually, all of Liz Lessner's places--Tip Top, Surly Girl--have good vegan options.)

          Skillet--just down the road from Barcelona--for farm-to-table. It's a tiny room with really good food. Afterwards, walk to Jeni's and then eat your ice cream as you walk around Schiller Park for the best of German Village. Tough spot for vegans, though.

          Local Cantina in Grandview Heights has great tacos. All of them are discounted (I think $2, but I can't remember) for Tuesday taco nights. It's a fun place and they have a couple of veggie options (but maybe only 1-2 vegan options).

          1. The "Bahama Mama" (sausage sandwich) at Schmidt's in German Village was recently voted Columbus' Official Food.


            Schmidt's is a Columbus institution. . . and if you go, don't skip the cream puffs.