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Jun 11, 2014 10:29 AM

Party for my Folks

I expect to have upward of 130 people at my folks party, I am looking for suggestions on how many different caterered dishes should I have for the guests as well as any suggestions of what dishes. There will be adults and as many as 40 kids too.

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  1. Do you have anything in mind? Casual/formal? Ethnic cuisine? Passed appetizers? Buffet? Barbecue? Budget? You need to identify what the parameters are in order to get useful recommendations.

    1. Welcpome to CH, I see this is your first post. It would be very helpful if you would provide more information.
      EX: Anniversary party? Time of day? Season of the year? Budget? Location? Formality? Is this fully catered? or are you providing everything but the food?

      Suggestions of "what dishes" depends on these factors and much more. Since this is a party for your parents, taking their likes and dislikes into consideration would be important. Are there any significant dietary challenges that you know about? If you are hosting this party at night in a restaurant it would be very different from hosting an afternoon party on a beach.

      Have you ever undertaken a party for 130 before? Knowing your level of experience will also help -- a newbie needs more assistance than a seasoned party-giver. Yep, there's lots to consider.

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        Age range of the parents and guests would be useful as well. And, as sticky and un-PC as it may be, ethnicity.

      2. Call the banquet halls and caterers in your location. They'll know exactly what you need, including quantity of food and drinks. And they'll also tell you what you can get for your budget and provide you with the various options.

        1. If you're having this party catered (it sounds like it), just talk to various caterers in your area. They have this down to a science, and can offer you a varied menu for adults and kids.

          1. There are many sites that can help with quantities and food suggestions if you google cater quantities. A few to get you started...

            ETA: I forgot to mention that Ellen’s Kitchen page also has a forum to discuss catering quantities and suggestions.