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Jun 11, 2014 10:16 AM

Squash Blossom

Where can I find squash blossom in the Chicago area?

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  1. It may be too early in the season for squash to be blossoming but every summer I have seen them EARLY IN THE MORNING at the Division Street farmers' market, right in front of CVS, the last vendor on the left as you walk toward Clark. Go as soon as possible after 7 AM. Market meets every Saturday.

    1. I LOVE squash blossoms. I grew zucchini plants for the flowers not the zucchini.

      Any of the Farmer's Markets. Many vendors have them but Nichols is at most of them and they almost always have squash blossoms.

      They're fairly expensive here (maybe 50c each), but we just got back from Italy and they were available in supermarkets for a fraction of that! I was in heaven.