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Jun 11, 2014 10:09 AM

What restaurant is now in the mill valley location of Butler's (circa 1989)?

My husband and I are about to become empty-nesters, and are planning a september vacation to the area of our engagement (Pt. Reyes). The day we got engaged, we went to dinner at a place called Butler's in Mill Valley (as I recall). It no longer seems to be around, but I figure that something may have replaced it in the intervening 25 years. I'd love to surprise DH with dinner there. Any help is much appreciated!

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  1. Do you remember whether it was in downtown Mill Valley or out by the highway (101)? There was a restaurant called Perry's (owned by Perry Butler) that may have have been followed by one called Butler's in a building next to 101. It is now a restaurant called Piatti. There would have been a water view.

    If it was downtown, I'll have to think about it some more!

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      There was a water view (it wasn't in town). I took a look at Piatti and the location on the harbour looks "familiar". Thanks!

    2. I'm pretty sure that Butler's was in the building that is now Piatti's.

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        Yes, Butler's followed Perry's in that location.

        Anyone been to Piatti's there since their (some time ago) remodel. I thought it was not good at all before and haven't been back. Hoping for the best...

        1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

          As a transplant to Mill Valley a year ago, the restaurant that has risen to the top of my list here is Piazza d'Angelo, in the center of town. Their service is warm (tell them it's a special occasion) and specials are well conceived and executed. Piatti is just so-so, in terms of both food (tired menu) and service.

          1. re: Dieppe

            Haven't been to Piatti for a long time either after a mediocre and corporate-feeling meal. Must be still popular though. My mother and daughter tried to go there for dinner on Wednesday night and said there was a line out the door...

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              Piazza d'Angelo has long been a favorite of mine in Mill Valley, both for ambiance and food. Their food was "off" for a few years, but it's been back for quite a while. It's the kind of place where you'll usually find a group celebrating something.

            2. re: Malcolm Ruthven

              I have been to Piatti a few times in recent years. It's a good spot for business lunches and groups, just because the menu is pretty simple and would please a broad range of tastes. The food is good quality even if it is not adventurous. Parking and location are easy.

              The happy hour with discounted drinks and apps at the bar is very popular, so that might be a good way to check them out without committing to a full meal.

              My friends had their wedding rehearsal dinner there in a private room a couple of years ago. I thought the restaurant did a really good job with that. They served passed apps, including oysters, and then we ordered off a set menu with a couple of choices for each course. That meal might have been better than the standard menu.

              I do agree with the poster who recommended Piazza d'Angelo, it's very good.