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Jun 11, 2014 10:03 AM

Please help me decide…everything sounds so good!

Here is my new list. We are only in Paris 4 nights, so deciding is difficult. The only reservation I presently have is le Kigawa for Sunday night.

We land in Paris early on a Thursday, so will probably have lunch at L'Office and then eat light at dinner. But…what to do about dinner on Friday and Saturday???

My list includes:

AT Restaurant
Le Bon Georges for thé Cote de Bouef
Clown Bar
The Bistrot Belhara
Pierre Sang Boyer in Oberkampf (although, no reservations impacts the schedule). Has he opened his second restaurant yet?

Any advice?

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  1. Pirouette
    Clown Bar
    Pierre Sang Boyer

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    1. re: Parigi

      Hi Parigi, have followed your comments for quite a while now, so thanks for the list. I'm assuming you are ranking them with Pirouette being the one you most recommend?

      1. re: topeater

        Yes, sorriest, it is my up close and personal ranking. I love Bon Georges and consider it a very comfy 'hood bistro, (it is about a minute's walk from my home), whereas I'd schlep to Pirouette, yeah. Perhaps this is unfair to Bon Georges.
        On the other hand, "a very comfy 'hood bistro" is a very Parisian experience.

        1. re: Parigi

          Where would you put Yam'tcha if it were in the list? I've been looking at some lovely pictures.

    2. It's a fine list; toss a coin.

      1. Everything IS so good so if you choose A over B, you will still end up a winner.

        You can consider convenience/ proximity and quartier/ neighbourhood to help in making decisions. I'd give preference to those that are in a 10-minute walking radius from where you are staying or are on a direct no-change métro (some interchange stations are hellish) or bus route. And some quartiers are more appealing than others... both Clown Bar and Pierre Sang are well placed for strolling around the sparkling Haut-Marais and the (the perhaps too lively) Oberkampf neighbourhood while Restaurant AT is on a not very exciting stretch of the boulevard Saint Germain in the 5th.

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        1. re: Parnassien

          That is a good idea. In fact, I also considered the restaurant at our hotel, Le Lulli, after reading JT's review.

          What do you mean by the Oberkamph neighborhood being "too lively?"

          1. re: topeater

            "What do you mean by the Oberkamph neighborhood being "too lively?"

            Also interested in this question..

            1. re: mangeur

              I don't know what Parn means but …
              Oberkampf has a whole party side that one may not see in the day time. Obekampf and Cour des Petites Ecuries are Paris's hard party central. The latter is more oriented toward hipster restaurants. Oberkampf is filled with bars for what passes for Paris's underground that go on late into the night.

            2. re: topeater

              Re Oberkampf.
              Parigi is quite right. The Ménilmontant side of the rue Oberkampf corridor is a very popular centre of the local music scene. During the week, it can get "too lively" at night if there are rival bands or styles at the music venues... on weekends, lots of suburban types adding to the mix... plus some folks high on drugs or drink... I wouldn't call it overwhelming but definitely not a place for quiet enjoyment. The area between, say, the boulevards Filles du Calvaire/ Temple and Richard Lenoir is much more sedate and "adult" ... and in this adult part, Pierre Sang, Clown Bar, Entrée des Artistes, Ober-Salé, etc.

              Re Le Lulli
              Definitely one of the better new restos to open in the last year. JT did indeed do a terrific write-up. In another Chowhound thread I think we both agreed that it was destined to be a star. And the entire Palais Royal area has superb restaurant feng shui/ karma: the very decent, exceptionally pleasant, and well-priced Bistrot Valois where the fonctionnaires from the nearby Ministère de la Culture tend to huddle; the trad and under-rated Aux Bons Crus (not reviewed by JT) on the rue des Petits Champs, Willi's wine bar, the bright and airy Macéo, the gloriously classic and expensive Le Grand Véfour on the rue Beaujolais, Juvéniles on the rue Richelieu, les Bistronomes, Franck Enée on the rue Mozart, etc.

              1. re: Parnassien

                Thanks Parn for all the info. Ever since hubby got his cell phone lifted a couple of years ago, we tend to avoid scenes!

                Great to know about all the restaurants in our area. Isn't there another wine bar close to Willi's that is less popular?

          2. As a fellow tourist, if you find yourself without a reservation and need a quick back up plan, we found that getting to Chateaubriand just before 9:30 will get you in to their no reservation second seating fixed dinner after awhile (for us it was an hour or so wait). The line is pleasant and their wine bar next door will sell you glasses of a # of good wines to drink on the street while waiting. We loved the dinner we had, although some on the board may not agree that it's on a must go to list. Another no res. back up plan could be Le Bat, where tapas are the dinner menu and the small plates we ate there were excellent. Gives you great flexibility on time as well.