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Jun 11, 2014 10:01 AM

In Need of Recommendations for Philadelphia Tasting Menus

For my birthday I would love to try a tasting menu restaurant in Philadelphia but have some restrictions:
1) table for 3,
2) no shellfish or ability to easily substitute
3) open on Sunday in late June.
4) not a huge fan of Vegan or Asian
Doesn't have to be downtown either, outskirts of the city would work too.
Marigold Kitchen looked perfect but unfortunately is closing.
Thank you!

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  1. Fork and Zahav come to mind, but if you search this board for "tasting menu" there are about 4 recent discussions that come up.

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    1. re: Bigley9

      Fork was the first one to come to mind as well but they do not serve their tasting menu on Sundays.

      The Tayim at Zahav would be a great choice.

      Avance and Vetri on the higher end if that is the type of food you want, and you dont mind spending that kind of coin.

      There is always the new Garces Restaurant at the Kimmel center.

      1. re: Bigley9

        Thank you, they both look very unique. The difficulty has been finding restaurants open on Sunday and with limited shellfish. But thanks for the recommendations I will look into them!

      2. If you're ok with only 4 courses, Sbraga is like a tasting menu to me. You just get to pick each course.

        Oops...looks like they are not open on Sundays.

        1. Are you looking for a place like Marigold, where the tasting menu is the only offering and there is no a la carte menu? We don't have many places like that in Philly, and the ones that come to mind are not places I'd recommend. Avance is one place that does it, I've eaten at the downstairs bar there and liked it well enough, but I haven't had the tasting menu there and reviews on it vary wildly. Vetri is another place that does it that I wouldn't recommend.

          What are more common are places like Zahav that offer a "chef's menu" as an alternative to ordering a la carte, but those are often just a selection (either the chef's or yours) of dishes from the regular menu. Fork is an exception, their "Our Terroir" menu is a prix fixe with set dishes for each course and those dishes aren't available on the regular menu.

          Actually, if this is a Sunday, one great option would be Kanella's Sunday-only prix fixe. There are two menus on offer: vegetarian or non-veg, and each menu consists of 7 or 8 small courses. So if you order both menus there are 15 different dishes to try. I've only had it twice but it was excellent both times.

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          1. re: Buckethead

            Thank you, this was a great recommendation. I am looking for more of a 'tasting only' option to try for that more unique experience. One of the biggest difficulties has been to find a restaurant open on Sunday so will definitely look into Kanella!

          2. talula's daily might be good. Talula's garden also has an off-menu tasting. avance is pretty good.

            1. How about Amada? I'm sure you can tell the waitstaff that shellfish is a no-no. It's been around for some time but there's a reason for that. I've always been pleased with my meal there.