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Jun 11, 2014 09:58 AM

Station des Sports underserving patrons by 25%

CBC uncovered that Peter Sergakis' bars consistently serve beers that are 25% under advertised measures! (His excuse and 'revised menu' are priceless, too.) This is the same tool who complained the Habs were hurting his business when they opened the Bell Centre for the road playoffs games to families who could never afford a game, whilst giving a cut to charity.

How surprising to find out he's a blatant thief. I hope a class-action suit is in the works.

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  1. Maybe a boycott would get him to loosen up on the tap. I remember the Peel Pub doing that years ago .

    1. Ironically, it also got voted number one sports bar today

      1. sergakis is a piece of shit

        but his bars aren't alone. tons of bars serve 14 oz 'pints'. even casa del popolo.

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        1. re: frogsteak

          Even Lawrence does it, but they don't claim that their pints are 20oz. AFAIK, there's no regulation in Quebec that defines the size of a "pint" of beer.

          1. re: frogsteak

            You are being unkind to useful manure.

            Yes, I hope there is a class-action suit, and that everyone agrees to give the settlement to charity.

            I was very annoyed about the Bell Centre stuff, as while I'm sure the owners made money, they also made a lot of fans very happy. Doubt many fans had more than a beer or two (or soft drink) with arena prices. It was such a petty complaint, given that pubs nearby and in other parts of town made a lot more money than usual, with the playoffs.

            1. re: frogsteak

              He's probably the worst spokeperson the bar owners association could get, yet, he's always there to scream about every little thing that could potentially have a small impact on his shitty bars. Alas, as long as he targets the right clients with cheap prices, I don't see him going away.

              1. re: NickinMtl

                I think he's the one that started that association no? I'm assuming it's just another thing he uses to get his way around town, the guy is such a scumbag.

                1. re: pkzilla

                  Wasn't it created to fight the smoking ban? Sergakis is definitely an unsavoury character, but he's far from being the only one in the Montreal hospitality industry, and he's not the worst.

            2. And he represents the bar owners of Montreal. He is the president. That says a lot.

              1. I remember years ago at the now defunct Wings&Things on Sherbrooke W (they have a revival of sorts near Decarie North, but I digress). A salesman was pitching new glassware to the owner. He was proud of the fact that his new glass *looked* like a pint, but actually held 2oz less.
                Apparently the exterior was the same size of a pint glass, but the interior was smaller.
                Ahhh, economics.

                As for Peter Sergakis, I can't forgive him for fucking up Le Manoir on St. Johns. It was here on CH that I learned the changes were a result of his buying the joint...