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Any changes to your list of staples recently?

In the past year, fresh parsley and napa cabbage are two things I pick up every time I shop, as I eat them most days. Grapefruit juice consumption has waxed, as ginger beer has waned. Tortillas have fallen off the regular list, for no reason in particular.

Has your regular shopping list changed at all lately?

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  1. Way Down on pasta, bread and sweets as we're preparing for an upcoming trip to Spain. Smaller portions of everything.

    1. Fresh mozzarella and basil are always on the list during the summer.

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        Staples always change with the seasons in my house!

      2. pretty much the same for 40 years, hence the name staples.

        1. That's funny you mention Napa cabbage, because I have become addicted to it and it's a household staple now for us, too. I seriously manage to put it in almost every savory dish, raw or cooked. It's amazingly versatile and not as strong a "cabbage-y" taste as some other cabbages.

          Also, I now incorporate cilantro into cooking several times a week, as opposed to a couple times a month.

          Flour tortillas can be added to our list of "new household staples" as well. On occasion I make my own flour tortillas, but there is a semi-local store brand we like that are far better than my own and, of course, convenient and quick.

          And we now always have limes on hand (no noticeable shortage, lowered quality, or price jump where we are, despite news reports/warnings).

          1. fish sauce is my new staple. In very small amounts in makes it into just about everything I make Asian or not.

            1. pomegranate molasses is a relatively new staple for me. I love it in salad dressings and as a sauce over duck breasts and pork chops. I don't go through it super quickly but I replace it when I run out now.

              1. More frozen veggies. Stopped buying fresh ginger and now use ginger paste. Sushi rice is slowly replacing long grain basamati.

                1. I recently discovered canned smoked mussels at the dollar store (same brand that sells in the grocery store for $3) and it's become a pantry staple for me - I toss them into a salad, or make a quick pasta with sauteed onions, a little bit of bacon, a can of mussels, and about 2 tablespoons of alfredo sauce. Yummy, cheap, and easy.

                  Discovered Greek Cream Cheese @ walmart, of all places (never seen it anywhere else) and have it on hand all the time now. It's got way more flavor than regular cream cheese, so a little bit goes a long way.

                  I found that one of the local asian groceries sells a 1 lb bag of frozen mixed seafood for $3, so I have a bag of them in the freezer at all times. A bowl of broth with any variety of asian noodles (heck, ramen works in a pinch), whatever veggies need to be used up and a handful of the frozen seafood, all seasoned with some sesame oil and a bit of fried garlic makes for a cheap tasty meal - the 1 lb bag is good for 4 bowls of soup.

                  On the not so much any more side.. I seem to have no real interest in tuna any more, even though for the longest time it was a staple - I'd buy a dozen cans at a time, but I've not bought any for months. Burnout maybe? I guess when I can eat smoked mussels for the same price as tuna, the mussels win.

                  1. Shallots are now a staple- why did I think they were something special?

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                      along the same lines - I'm on a bit of a leek kick right now, not sure why I didn't use them very much before. We will see if they become a staple.

                    2. I've recently become addicted to bulgogi. So a new staple for us is butter lettuce ( or boston bib?) and green onions. Also cucumbers which we used to not buy every week. Always have those in the fridge these days.

                      As for pantry staples the only new addition over the last couple of years has been sriracha sauce.

                      1. Yes, I added anchovies, feta and leaks to mine. Don't know how I existed without anchovies and leaks all these years! and kale! it has become a staple at my house lately

                        1. Just recently added garbanzo beans & tahini to ingredients that I keep on hand. After years of buying pre-made hummus, I made my own for apps on Father's Day-- delicious, incredibly easy. I know it's good when my son wants the recipe! Bought 2 more cans of garbanzos at the grocer's this week; have enough tahini to get me through the summer, I suspect.