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Jun 11, 2014 09:33 AM

Outer "msp"...way outer, i.e., greater MN

So this is the closest matching board...

Going to the North Shore: Minneapolis-St Paul to Duluth and then along the shore up past Grand Marais.

What are the good places along this route these days?--by that I mean moderately priced, fresh and tasty dishes.

I'm hoping for some no gluten or grains friendly places, though feel feel to post items of interest for the carboholic readers.

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  1. New Scenic Cafe, my favorite, moderately expensive,, Rustic Inn, Lighthouse at Emilys Knife River.....

    1. I agree with New Scenic Cafe. They are very accommodating with modifications as well. It is well worth the stop and my go-to when in the area.

      The Duluth Grill gives the impression of pedestrian family fare at first glance and those wary of anything appearing on a show with Guy Fieri might easily dismiss it, but they do put out really good food and have a very gluten-free friendly menu (I really like anything they make with their curried garbanzo polenta).

      I've had wonderful meals at The Crooked Spoon in Grand Marais and have given gift certificates for there for friends and family I know will be vacationing in the area.

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        Definite +1 for the Duluth Grill! It looks like a fast-food place, but everything's from scratch and DELICIOUS! I'm still dreaming about my duck confit omlette from two years ago.

        Other top recommendations in Duluth: Northern Waters Smokehouse and At Sara's Table (aka Chester Creek Cafe).

        If you get to Superior (WI), I highly recommend the beer and pizza at Thirsty Pagan.

      2. Duluth- Lake ave cafe,canal park
        North shore -Scenic cafe,open for lunch and dinner
        North shore-Russ Kendalls smokehouse.take out trout,salmon,whitefish
        Two Harbors-Vanilla bean cafe or the Rustic Inn
        Grand Marais- Angry trout,Pie place cafe,My sisters place,Gunflint tavern