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Jun 11, 2014 08:55 AM

Prospect - recent experiences / recommendations?

I have been unable to find comments within the past couple of years that are focused on Prospect - for better or for worse, we are headed there for dinner on Friday night and I have gotten really mixed reviews on the space, food and service - and the older posts on this board seem to lean to negative overall.

A specific xample of my cause for concern: A trusted friend living in SF told me."It's a very cool space. The food is fine. They have a gigantic attitude, so I've been boycotting them."

Does anyone who has been there in the past 12-16 months or so have experience to share - ideally food and drink menu recommendations (or things to avoid) and any specifics about preferred places to sit in what sound like a crowded, cavernous space - or warnings about what to avoid - I will not be able to steer this group of 5 elsewhere, so I want to make the very best of it, given the expected high price point.

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  1. "It's a very cool space. The food is fine. They have a gigantic attitude, so I've been boycotting them."

    Time to untrust your friend. The service is professional and friendly without any gigantic attitude.

    In terms of food, the menu is somewhat seasonal and some items may change from day to day. But generally speaking, pretty much everything tends to be very good although the servings tend to be on the small side.

    I don't find the space to cave-like at all. The one major thing is the late afternoon sun coming in through the large windows facing Folsom St. They have blinds, though, to address that issue.

    Also, on a Friday night, the lounge area will likely be packed with the after-work crowd.

    1. I eat there about once a month for business dinners. It's probably not a place I would pick for a meal out with friends as it feels too formal and the food isn't that creative. The seafood dishes have all been good for me with nothing overcooked and swordfish has always been quite good. I found the beef to be ok but couldn't taste any different in flavour or texture with the "kobe" beef.

      The stuffing in the quail is a bit too salty for me and I really like salt.

      As for a quieter space, it's hard to find one that is particularly less noisy. I haven't had any service issues but I've only ever been there for business dinners where the wine is flowing freely and the service is usually pretty good because of that.