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Jun 11, 2014 08:41 AM

15 East Question

Can I order the tasting menu at 15 East for lunch?. Their online menu seems to indicate that it can only be ordered at dinner.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Well...I got my answer. I called them and asked. They told me I could get the tasting menu at lunch

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    1. re: tatuaje68

      It's amazing what a little self-gumption and the phone can do to get basic info.

      Enjoy lunch.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        But seriously, I find it amazing the number of posts I come across on CH where my gut reaction is, "Just call the restaurant and ask!"

        Is this just how it is in the Opentable era which I refuse to participate in as I'm just a curmudgeon?

        1. re: fooder

          Wow. Didn't think I would get this reaction.

          I'm not adverse to calling the restaurant at all. Actually I have called Le Bernardin, Betony and Jean George in the last two weeks to ask them questions. Le Bernardin for the exact same reason, to find out if I could do the tasting menu at lunch.

          With so many CH' ers recommending 15 East I just thought that asking this question was one of the functions of the board and was acceptable.

          But you're right it is a lot easier just to call which is what I usually do. I'll try to be more careful in the future and only ask questions that I can't get an answer for myself.

          BY the way Fooder.....yes you probabaly are a curmudgen :)

          1. re: tatuaje68

            I bet the restaurant didn't tell you the dinner tasting is far superior to the lunch one

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              And I bet the OP didn't ask.

              On the phone with the restaurant.

              Or here on Chowhound.

              Too bad. Our loss. And his.

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                That's exactly the kind of information I was hoping for when I asked here on CH

                Thanks foodwhisperer

                It looks like I'll have to skip Annisa to do 15 East at dinner. Will I be missing out on a great dinner? Will probably put Ipuddo in the 15 East lunch slot

                1. re: tatuaje68

                  Ippudo is good idea for lunch , but be prepared for a wait.
                  I think dinner at 15 East will be enjoyable.
                  Brushstroke is now open for lunch. That might be a good experience also.

                  1. re: foodwhisperer

                    I was able to get a reservation for Friday July 18 at 6pm at the sushi counter.

                    Two more questions.

                    For the best experience should I get the tasting menu or the sushi and sashimi omakase? I would like some cooked dishes but not if I would miss out on the variety of nigiri. (I read fooders report on the tasting menu and it looked very impressive.)

                    Also, how much time does the tasting menu and Omakase meal take? Just want to know if I can catch an 8:30 show at the Village Vanguard after.

                    Thanks again

                    1. re: tatuaje68

                      I did the sushi omakase at the counter on Tuesday evening. Like you, I had a 6pm reservation; the meal lasted a little over two hours for about 20 spellbinding pieces. The folks next to me ordered the tasting menu, and I must say I was happy with my decision. I, however, was not interested in cooked dishes.

                      Here are some photos from the dinner:

                      1. re: degustingdiary

                        Thanks for your reply.

                        Nice pictures! Fortunately I have some time to make up my mind.

                        I'll go to the Vanguard another night. The last thing I want to do is compromise or rush my dinner at 15 East

                        1. re: tatuaje68

                          I haven't ever done the tasting menu or omakase before, as I tend to like to control what I order. But some of my faves are:
                          - his wide array of uni
                          - the uni ikura soba
                          - the duck and foie appetizer
                          - something I don't know the name of but is nigiri of chopped aji mixed with a bunch of other stuff
                          - the octopus dish
                          - and of course his fish is all high quality and so well prepared

                          Enjoy. Perhaps what I love the most about the place is the ambience. The people are incredible warm, have a great sense of humor and make what can be a snobbish experience extremely enjoyable. I'm a nobody in NYC and my 2nd meal there, my friend and I ended up closing down the sushi bar. We ended up having whiskies and sake well into the night with chef masa and marco, who had come by to check in. A memorable experience to say the least.

                      2. re: tatuaje68

                        They're very accommodating. You dont have to do the tasting but you can request a few kitchen dishes along with sushi. If you do the tasting menu, you could always ask for a few extra pieces of sushi that wasnt in the tasting. I would let them know that you have an 8:30 show so they can speed up the pace as meals can last as long as 3 hours.

            2. re: ipsedixit

              Indeed. It's curious how the public is being sold on the idea of avoiding human interaction.