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Jun 11, 2014 05:03 AM

Baljinder Chohan Flavours: Is there any difference between canola oil and vegetable oil?

I am Baljinder Chohan
I am not getting the exact difference between canola oil and vegetable oil
please help me out
Baljinder Chohan Flavours

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  1. ============

    Is there any difference between canola oil and vegetable oil?


    Yes, both in smoke point and flavor.

    I am not a fan of rapeseed oil also known as Canola oil.
    When heated, to me it gets bitter.

    Vegetable oil is usually corn or soybean oil where I am and I use soybean oil. Also peanut oil. Both for general use. When not using the above I usually use olive oil.

    Lots of threads here on Chowhound discussing the merits and pitfalls of them both.

    1. I think canola oil tastes like fish. I never use it. Where vegetable oil is called for I use grapeseed, peanut oil, olive oil or coconut oil depending on the dish.

      1. Canola oil IS vegetable oil. All oils made from vegetable matter are vegetable oil.

        1. All Vegetable Oils have differences in flavor from each other.
          Some have stronger flavors than others.

          1. All canola oil is vegetable oil.

            All vegetable oil is NOT canola oil.

            There are many different kinds of plants from which vegetable oil is made.

            I do not care for canola (rapeseed) or soy oil. They both smell and taste terrible.