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Jun 10, 2014 11:19 PM

salted dried chinese duck (flat)?

hi everyone,
i found this salted chinese duck in vancouver b.c. at the Dollar Meat Store and i am in love with it.
where can i find some in the seattle international district?

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  1. not in the ID (i wish...) but definitely at the great wall market in kent and possibly at h-mart in lynnwood

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    1. re: howard 1st

      howard, thanks for you suggestions. i found them at....ta daaa....ranch 99 market in shoreline. silly me, i forgot all about ranch. even if Hmart is korean, i did stop by just in case but as suspected they did not carry the chinese salted dry duck.
      these are packed but i am sure they will be fine. the duck i purchased in vanouver canada was from the Dollar Meat Store and the flattened ducks were haning in open air.
      ranch market also had a smoked duck that i picked up.
      price is about $25.00 for a 1.5 lb duck. today they were on sale.

      1. re: ritabwh

        Wow, I wasn't picturing the whole duck! Do you eat it as-is, sliced thin like other cured meats, put it in soup, or what? I might have to try some.

        1. re: babette feasts

          ahh, i am not surprised that you are interested, babette.
          so, we bought the duck without any idea of what to do with it. the butcher men said steam with rice, which meant nothing to us but we figured it out, i think.
          there was actually a chowhound thread i found when we came home from canada and the general concensus was to cook with the rice, a small bit cut up into cubes or bits.
          next time i would most likely cut back on the amount of fatty skin and more of the meat in the rice, and try to have larger pieces of the meat.
          i cooked the duck with the rice. the rice had a fatty unctousness from the duck fat and little bits of salty.
          then i read the directions on the package, which said to steam for 15 minutes so we did that too. i think 15 minutes to too long. next time i will try 10 minutes.
          i've steamed the duck "whole" and cut up into pieces.
          so, steaming is the preferred method for me. it is salty and delicious.
          i found that refrigerated leftovers turn hard and require a very very gentle microwave reheating.
          i have tossed it with stir fried veggies, but i like it the best cooked in rice. i have also chopped it up and just eaten it.
          please let me know if you find any other information on how to prepare this duck.

          1. re: ritabwh

            Salty fatty duck, sounds good! I wonder how similar it is to a duck ham or duck prosciutto that a Western chef would make by salting and hanging a duck breast until cured (though I've never seen that done with legs). I had this vision of fancy-restaurant duck salumi at Asian supermarket prices :)

            1. re: babette feasts

              my friend who tried this duck for the first time said it reminded her of serrano ham, so you might be closer to your vision than you think.
              here is a picture from my friend, the duck was cut up into pieces and steamed. you can see the nice pink meat under the skin,

        2. re: ritabwh

          99 - Just what I was going to suggest. I've seen it when looking at the Chinese sausages and bacon. I was quite pleased with the Kimbo brand of bacon that they have on sale. Fries up much cleaner than American style - must not have sugar.

          Mostly though I buy vegetables and pork at that store.

      2. This may be a wild goose chase since I may be mixing up my places, but if you end up at the Seattle Costco you may want to take a look there. However, I wouldn't make a special trip.

        1. having trouble uploading the steamed salted dry duck.
          let's see if this works