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Jun 10, 2014 06:39 PM

No Fail Cookie Recipe Suggestions

So this weekend my sister is moving and I offered to come and help and bring some goodies for the moving crew. Last time I brought something for her they were brownies that were totally underdone in the middle--it was embarrassing! I thought they tasted good--but I was pretty much the only one that ate them--my brother in law passed around brownies from the grocery store as the best things ever. I'm not a great baker, but I usually can cook things all the way through!

In order to redeem myself, I want to bring something that will get a WoW reaction. My sister and brother in law are not fancy dessert people, and with moving I figure cookies are the easiest to eat with most things in boxes. However, I don't really have any fantastic cookie recipes of my own that I think would work. I was thinking a chocolate chip cookie and then something else a little different. I do have a lemon ginger cookie recipe that I love, and a different sister and brother in law liked them--but they are fancy dessert people.

So what I want is suggestions of good, basic recipes for your top two kind of cookies. Something that you've tried and had good success with. There are lots of recipes online and I have shelves of books, but I appreciate the wisdom of the boards here. I made the chocolate cake recommended here, and it turned out delicious!

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  1. Try these English Matrimonials. Everyone really does love them.

    1. Also, these Scandinavian Almond Bars are killer! I don't use the glaze. Plus I bake them a bit extra so they're kind of crispy.

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        These sound delicious. May need to hit the grocery store!

      2. Try the recipe for oatmeal cookies on the Quaker Oats box. They have never failed and they are darn good!

        Rice Krispies treats come to mind, as well. Easy, no bake and delicious!

        You might want to try a quick bread as well, like zuchini or banana. I've used, with great success, a recipe I found online called 'Mom's Zuchini bread'. So good. I always add toasted walnut peces and a simple glaze. Mmmmm!

        I've done this before, providing cookies fr workers. They always appreciate it. Try to hae a supply of hot and cold drinks, as well, and napkins, too!

        Good luck!

        1. Super easy peanut butter cookies. I bake often, use recipes that can days if it's worth it, and was doubtful that these would be good but they are.

          Mix 1 cup peanut butter (commercial works best but all natural is okay), 1 cup sugar (I like brown for more chew but white is fine), 1 egg. Opt: 1 tsp vanilla.

          Roll into walnut shape balls, criss cross w/ fork. Bakie 350 for 8-10 minutes.

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              Yes, or dip them in melted chocolate after they're cooled. So good!

          1. I make this take on a rum ball called Mother's Little Helpers. People love them and they are no bake. the quality of the cocoa powder is important. I use scharffenberger or vahlrona.
            12 oz. box nilla wafers
            1/2 C cocoa powder
            1 C pecans
            1/4 C dark Karo syrup
            1/2 C port--I like Ferreira Ruby port but any decent quality port is OK. Serve port with cookies or refrigerate until you make them again.

            In food processor, chop nuts. Add cookies and cocoa. process to fine crumbs. pulse for sev. seconds. Add corn syrup and port in a stream while processor is running. continue until well blended about 15 secs. using hands form into 1" balls (mine are more the size of golf balls). rol lin powdered sugar. Store air tight up to 1 month or freeze up to 2 months (mine never make it longer than overnight :-) ). Just before serving roll in powdered sugar again if desiring snow ball effect. Can be doubled if your processor bowl is large enough. Otherwise, it's about 5 minutes to make another batch.

            Hope this helps.


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              Your tasters' mileage may vary. Put me in the "no thanks" column for rum balls or ANY cookie that has nilla wafers combined with uncooked alcohol. I made some after reading rave reviews and was shocked to discover that I hated them (and so did my spouse). We tossed the batch.

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                Pity you don't like rum balls. Thanks for the warm welcome to the community!

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                My family always requests rum balls on the Christmas cookie tray. This looks like an interesting variation. Gonna try them. Thanks for the recipe.

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                  Hope you enjoy them! I have to confess that when my hsbd brings home unexpected guests (people visiting his work), I sometimes just toast pecans and put on a tray with dried cherries and good bittersweet chocolate. I serve some port on the side. Never had any complaints about that one either-LOL!

                  1. re: loriengelmann

                    Now that's a welcome-tray combo I can appreciate - which is why it's such a mystery that the cookie version was a bust for us.