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Jun 10, 2014 06:33 PM

A few days in Seattle

I came to visit earlier this week, visiting from Boston mostly to see friends, but enjoyed some great food, so am sharing:
Marination Ma Kai -- since Friday's weather was so gorgeous, I ate outside for Friday lunch. Loved the sexy tofu tacos, and also had one fish taco. Side of slaw was good, and I had a lychee margarita. Such a great view too.
Pam's Kitchen - ended up here Sat for lunch with a friend. She enjoyed her jerk chicken. I had the garbanzo & potato roti. We were both very happy, except I learned Mauby is not for me. At least I tried it. Nice service, cheerful decor, and cheap too!
Capitol Cider - Three of us went there Sunday night. It's 100% gluten free. Loved the veg-centered small plates, esp the heirloom carrots w preserved lemon, and the mustard green salad. The french fries were so good we had two orders. My friend was meh on one of the cider flights, but liked her glass of Green Goblin. I had a mezcal cocktail that I really liked.
Serious Pie - Ended up here by happenstance on Monday. Couldn't resist the fontina, roasted asparagus, caramelized leek & olive pizza. So delicious.
Pho Mignon (in Kirkland) - here with friends Monday night. Still full from pizza, but had a few fried spring rolls. The bowls of pho were huge, and my friends enjoyed them.
Looking forward to my next trip - thanks!

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  1. Thanks for the report. I need to make it to Marination Ma Kai one of these days.

    I've done Pam's Kitchen with a big group for dinner at their UDistrict location. Love their curries and pelau with pigeon peas.

    1. Thank you!! for the recommendation of Capitol Cider... I love cider and am gluten free... this is definitely on our list now for our trip at the end of the month.
      Do they have a patio or outdoor spot in the sun? There's nothing better than cider in the sun!