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Jun 10, 2014 05:50 PM

Galloway's in New West

I found myself on a street corner in New West today-far from my usual haunts.

Casting curious glances up & down the street something from the distant past unfurled itself in my olfactory-The Smell of Galloway's!!

Sure enough it was just 3 stores away and full of all kinds of delicious spicy smells-I suppose the spices were a bit sharper being as how there's so much more Asian product around now but the 6th Ave store teems with choice and abundance-beats the pants off the competition up on Kingsway for specialty food.

Ended up with some amazing smelling Sri Lankan smoked Curry powder, equally entrancing Saigon-style Cinnamon and of course some bricks of Callebaut Chocolate.

Service was outstanding the Staff really know their stuff-stellar individuals all.

It was such a treat to walk into somewhere from the distant past (70's in my case) and have it be equal to or better than those halcyon days of yore-it's certainly well worth a trip out to the boons.

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  1. Yes the New West store belongs to one of the 2 original brothers. The Richmond store is the daughter of the other brother and they have been making some big changes in the past year to go gluten-free. Not sure how it is working out as they recently closed their south Bby location. But love the original stores!

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      Further update....the Rmd store seems to be in bankruptcy protection so only New West is left. Such a shame.