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Jun 10, 2014 04:38 PM

Best places in Baltimore to go out for a 21st birthday weekend?[2014 version]

All participants will probably be students or recent students, so not much money and probably no cars.

Am looking at the 2009 thread:
but that's a totally different budget and plan.

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  1. I would suggest Smalltimore. Very friendly staff, great sushi and great burgers.

    1. If you want the opposite of the thread you linked, spend a night on the square in Canton and a night at the Cross St./Light St. bars in Federal Hill. Maybe throw in some time on the Avenue in Hampden as well or down in Fell's for some live music.

      If you don't have cars it might be expensive or annoying to get to Hampden. Otherwise I'd assume you're staying downtown.

      For extra measure, eat your way through Lexington Market(Park's Fried Chicken livers) and Cross St. Market(Bruce Lee's wings). You can get 32oz beers in Cross St. Market too.

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      1. re: fdaapproved

        Actually the light rail takes you from downtown to a 5-10 minute walk from Hampden.

      2. Brewers' Art in Mount Vernon for good beer.

        LP Steamers for excellent and reasonably priced seafood, served Baltimore style and with cheap beer. Sit on the rooftop deck if you can. Great view of the city skyline.

        1. Where do you live and what is your budget?

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            I'm posting the query for a friend of my CollegeHound.
            I'll try to find out : )