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Jun 10, 2014 04:10 PM

Tew Mac Tavern, Tewksbury

Under pressure to find a place for a graduation dinner tomorrow night (Wednesday) The guests of honor are high schoolers and not very discerning diners...yet. Trying to avoid chains, get a bit of atmosphere at a $25 pp price point. Heading out from Billerica. Someone mentioned Tew Mac Tavern at the Tewksbury Country Club. Any thoughts on this venue or any other suggestions would be much appreciated. The crowd leans toward steak and fish. Thanks!

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  1. Why don't you just go to Rocco's on the corner of 129 and 38 in Wilmington? They have a private room, and the menu has lots of fish (although it is red sauce Italian-centric).

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      I think Rocco's is a great suggestion, the food is excellent. I've been to the tew mac tavern a few times for lunch and then for a few private functions. For the private functions the food is typical banquet food. The food in the restaurant is good, although my sample is limited to sandwiches,they do have an excellent lobster roll and the room is very nice.

    2. just returned from Not Your Average Joe's in Burlington. I thought I had lowered my expectations enough to survive it but even the teens said the place should be renamed "Below Average Joe's." Absolutely abysmal. The plus side is that we've decided that it was so bad we must do a retake as it was more punishment than celebration--at another venue of course.

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        Ugh - sorry to hear that about NYAJ's. The Tew-Mac Tavern is decent - I enjoyed the burgers there last time I went. While a bit lower key, perhaps Jon Ryan's Pub might be better (just up Route 38 a quarter mile in the old Piccadilly Pub site).

        There's also Capellini's further up Route 38 towards Lowell - on the right past the police station. Pricier than Jon Ryan's Pub, and Italian-centric (but still with steak and steafood), and very good the one time I went there.

      2. I went to an event at the Tewksbery CC recently, first time being there. I though it was great, we did not order off the menu, it was buffet style and still the food was fresh, tasty and plentiful. The space is beautiful, there are lots of seperate rooms so I am not sure which one I was in and which one is the TEW MAC but I really liked the venue

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          oh where oh where were you folks yesterday??!!

          For a variety of reasons like rush hour traffic (and in Burlington, planes landing in fields off Middlesex Turnpike!) we nixed our first choice of Gibbet Farm Grill in Groton. It seemed like the sweet spot, not a chain, in our price point and not above the sophistication/appreciation level of the 4 young guests. Tried to get to Cap Grille for lunch but again, conflict. L' Andana, Bancroft, Tryst, Flora, Coach Grill were considered but all a bit of a stretch for dinner. In the end we found ourselves right where we vowed to avoid. Ah well. We are not giving up and will just consider NYAJ the appetizer round. We will not be defeated.