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Jun 10, 2014 03:26 PM

Tour guidance/guide for Ossining's ethnic restaurants?

Hello -- I'm trying to organize some events for residents at my condo, and hoping to find someone knowledgeable about some of our town/village ethnic restaurants to lead a tasting tour. (Spouse and I did a tasting tour in Brooklyn last summer, which was great fun and tasty!). Anyone out there have a list of places they've gone to that could be strung together for a "tour", or have a desire to lead a group (maybe 10-20 people?) so that we can join in good food with more of our neighbors? Thanks!

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  1. here are places you might consider, in no particular order:

    - elita's deli, Ecuadorian - steam tables with pork, chicken, fish, hearty seafood soup, 8 or so tables. big plate of hearty, good food for $5-$6.

    - ossining bakery - portugese bakery, good donuts, named best jelly donut in westchester, good rolls, bread, takeout only

    - Los Abuelos, mexican - very good food, pretty little restaurant

    - Churrasqueira Ribatejo - portugese, great bbq chicken over charcoal, grilled squid and octupus, nice back room for big groups

    - Quimbaya coffee shop - columbian, good mexican hot chocolate and empanadas/salsa, limited seating

    - Docas - Nice portugese restaurant, low corkage fee, good fresh fish.

    - Cafe Duoro - used to be cidade, no where as good as cidade. portugese bakery/coffee, good coffee, decent pastry, I think they started using lard instead of butter...still, a nice place with nice people, around 6 tables.

    - El Duraznito, - down and dirty Ecuadorian restaurant, nice people, great comfort food, seafood stew for $12 is a bargain, make sure to add lime, hot sauce and rice.

    - el tambo - peruvian, we had one meal here, wasn't very good.

    - four seasons grocery store - inexpensive, good latimAm baked goods (fig rolls, dulce de leche rolls, etc.)

    It's easy to graze through cobble hill or carroll gardens, a slice here, an arancini there, a middle eastern pastry, etc.unfortunately, I don't think ossining restaurants lend themselves to a crawl.My suggestion would be to walk by a bunch of places, explain what each place offers and have a nice dinner in docas. Make a reservation, maybe a set dinner, bring your own wine and enjoy.

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      This is a great list. Thanks, vinouspleasure!

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        We're big fans of El Tambo and have been there many times. Maybe you just had an off night?

        Is El Duraznito the place on Spring Street on a corner? If so, I agree. If not--thanks, I've learned of a new place (and recommend the place on Spring Street).

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          El Duraznito is the place on spring street. maybe we ordered wrong at el tambo, what do you like there? we've been to the peruvian by stewart airport and loved it.

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            We're especially fond of the fried rice with tilapia, the cerviche, and the huge green mussels cold appetizer. I don't remember what the latter is called, but there's a big photo of it in the menu. It's really special.

            The salad with avocado isn't exceptional, but it's good to have along with the rest of the food.

            The mixed fried fish/shellfish platter was a great hit with a group we went with.

            1. re: Elisa515

              we had two meat dishes, thanks, we'll give it another try!

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                I definitely recommend the seafood dishes at El Tambo too--excellent ceviche (and huge portion)..also BYOB with a $5 corkage. I would add the gelato joint next to Ossining pizza.

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                  We loved the gelato joint but last time we were there, about 3 weeks ago, it was terrible. The gelato had little chunks of ice and wasn't as flavorful. Hopefully it was an anomaly.

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                    Sorry to hear this--having just returned from a trip to Italy, I am already spoiled with amazing gelato...

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          Have you tried Tierras Tropicales on Croton Avenue (I think across the street from the supermarket)? It's also Ecuadorian and is on I keep meaning to buy a coupon and try it out but hearing from someone who already tried it would be nice.

        3. Thank you to all who recommended Docas. My sister had a late business appointment in Ossining and some time to kill. I emailed her this thread and she emailed me the attached pics with comments below

          olives and bread gratis

          "simple salad but super fresh w/oil & vinegar"

          grilled squid with French fries, " Yummers not a drop left, squid simply grilled tender and flavorful, thin, crispy round fries and broccoli rabe no trace of bitterness very fresh but could have used a bit of cheese IMO. This dish was to be served with boiled potatoes but I saw a plate of these go by and well...."

          "All of the food was extremely fresh and very simply prepared so that the flavors of the main ingredients were front and center."

          Total $24.00
          Thank you

          1. We finally made it to Doca's...what a disappointment.
            had the clams in garlic
            caldo verde soup
            rib eye
            the soup was okay but under seasoned
            and a bit watery with a cornstarch like texture.
            The clams in garlic was a terrible dish
            probably the worst rendition I have ever
            had. That is a table spoon in the pot look at
            the size of the clams. They were the size and
            consistency of the clams that come in the cans
            of Progresso clam sauce, but chewy really gross.
            The sauce tasted like spicy cilantro water
            the garlic was indiscernible...truly
            Had one bite of steak and spit it out.
            So $24,00 + for a side of FF and veggies and way too much $$ for the awful clams we didn't eat either...
            The steak had an odd taste and a strange texture it was cool and seemed as if, still frozen.
            Letting ingredients shine through is one thing, serving tasteless crap is another, add to that Indifferent service...
            Really horrid all around. I suppose if you order carefully simple grilled fish maybe you could have a decent meal...

            The food at Lusitania in Yonkers IMO is so much better and the service friendly, just don't eat there if you are concerned with your salt intake...they can have a heavy hand. I find that to be an issue with many Portuguese restaurants.

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            1. re: chowdom

              sorry you didn't like it, we usually get the mussels, port sausage (which is so big it has to be shared with four people) appetizers and the grilled sea bass. My wife likes the pork and clam stew but I find it a strange mix of flavors.

              if you go back, try those dishes.

              1. re: chowdom

                So I'm guessing you're not trusting your sister's opinion of restaurants anymore. Kind of amusing to come here and read one positive and one negative review of the same place, both posted by you.

                1. re: MisterBill2

                  Not sure what you are getting at...My sister and I don't always agree on restaurants usually but not always it is a consistency issue. She hated the Cookery I love it. That grilled squid looked great and like something I would enjoy because I like grilled squid with just olive oil and lemon on it. My sister also experienced good service while we did not. You will see I stated in my most recent post that perhaps they do simply grilled fish well.

                  1. re: chowdom

                    Sorry, I just found it odd to see two posts in a row from you and one was a great review and the next a poor review of the same place.