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Where do you do your healthy eatin' in LA?

A friend of mine just turned me on to The Vegan Plate on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. The pic below is the kale-quinoa salad with peanut dressing. Must be a full moon coming!

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  1. Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park.

    1. Cafe Gratitude


      for fast food, it is entirely possible to construct a healthful burrito at the Freebirds on Lincoln near Washington in the marina.

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          I can say with a straight face there is not a drop of grease in that oki dog. Extra zen.

        2. I do my healthy eating in all of my favorite restaurants. Most good restaurants offer healthy choices.

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            Good point...OR you can request no oil...no butter, etc.

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              Vegan Glory. The Fish Grill. I'm in NY now and I do miss those restaurants!

            2. Do you mean "healthy" or "healthful"?

              If the former, then probably Clearman's Galley because lifting those large forks they use really works the biceps and forearms, as well as hitting the anterior lats.

              If the latter, then I'm with maudie5 and JeMang ... The Hat all the way.

              1. Is this Chowhound or Healthhound? :-)

                OK OK I'll play... I gets my veggies at Pine & Crane these days.

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                  I get a healthy dosage of cholesterol and triglycerides eating chilaquiles con carnitas y huevos.

                  also True Foods when I am feeling overly gluttonous.

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                    looks awesome where did u get those?

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                        Very appetizing red color sauce. I usually get green. I want that!

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                    I gets my veggies at Pine & Crane
                    you're joking.

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                      Only half joking. Their vegetables dishes taste great.

                  3. Yuko Kitchen or Souplantation (easy on the soup and choose appropriate dressing)

                    1. California Chicken Cafe, although I'm not that neither the cesar dressing nor the mayo they use for the combo wrap are particularly healthy.... But at least I get my fiber.

                      I also enjoy many of the "Jessica's Choices" options at the Gelson's deli near work (chopped antioxidant, crunchy kale salad, tomato salad [when they have it]).

                      1. - M.A.K.E. Raw Cuisine @ Santa Monica Place is pretty good.

                        - Good Earth @ Studio City

                        - Urth

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                          Good Earth has been closed for a year.

                          Most of these posts are not particularly healthy or healthful. You all are better off cooking at home.
                          There is nothing wrong with oil in your diet, it is just a matter of which one(s), as a reference.

                          Definititons do vary on this post, and apparently no two posters have the same definition.

                        2. Erewhon should get some kind of mention. By far the best cold-pressed juices (to me anyway, in terms of flavors), and the best "salad bar" and "hot food" station of almost any supermarket in LA. The salad bar in particular beats the heck out of Whole Foods, as the food is more carefully prepared, more flavorful, and seemingly fresher. The dressings they offer are also among the best I've tasted anywhere.

                          And obviously Cafe Gratitude, which produces some of the best tasting food I've eaten anywhere (specifically the I Am Whole).

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                            And obviously Cafe Gratitude, which produces some of the best tasting food I've eaten anywhere (specifically the I Am Whole).

                            Are you referring to this:
                            WHOLE macrobiotic bowl

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                              Yeah. I guess they recently dropped the "I Am"'s from the names of their dishes. My bad. WHOLE is the same thing.

                          2. For healthier eats I like Fresh Corn Grill and M Café de Chaya

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                              I should also add the funny-named Cabbage Patch. As I write this I'm munching on a very tasty French lentil salad with avocado and arugula


                            2. Shunji. The rest of my diet consists of fried chicken and ice cream.

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                                  I'm still pissed that Souplantation switched from Häagen-Dazs frozen yogurt to plain brand soft serve

                                2. I don't know the technical name of the restaurant, but when we want a clean, healthy meal we go to the Hari Krishna temple on Venice near the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I think it's right next to the Rally Burger (this is in the Culver City area).

                                  It's an all you can eat vegetarian buffet with a few items that are extra, like samosas. They have a lot of fresh vegetables (both raw and cooked), rice and pasta dishes, hommos and other spreads and some hot dishes and desserts.

                                  You can do all you can eat or pay by weight. It's super cheap either way. I always do all you can eat so I can separate my courses without having to pay two or three times.

                                  Very nice, friendly people, too, nice vibe, very healthy and clean.

                                  1. It depends on the definition of "healthy". If it means "low sodium", most restaurant dishes would fail miserably.