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Jun 10, 2014 02:31 PM

Scopa Italian Roots, anyone been ?????

Thoughts ?????

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  1. I've been a few times for brunch and enjoyed just about everything I ordered each time. High quality and well executed NY/Italian with Californian spin.

    1. I think chrishei's been.

      1. Ate there with a family group of six a couple months ago. Food very good. Co-owner talked with us about establishing the restaurant. High energy. I got tired of dividing up the small plates (like slicing the small meatball sandwich so everyone got their taste) and passing back and forth. Bench surface in our booth very uncomfortable after sitting so long. Parking either expensive (valet) or difficult. Good, but there are several of the same genre I like better -- Gjelina, Bucato, for example.

            1. re: Ciao Bob

              A great restaurant experience at a not-quite-great-yet restaurant.

              First off, the positives - I really enjoyed the:
              *space: though seemingly standard industro-pub layout with high walls/open ceilings/etc, the decor really did grow on me through the meal. Definitely feels downtown urban more than Venice casual, and I appreciated that. The high bar is also a visual treat.
              *menu: very narrow, focused approach and with the recent small plates movement, this is a good indication that the chef has a clear vision for what they're trying to execute. was very eager to try the restaurant, was downright excited after reviewing the menu.
              *drinks: a selection of house-made, high-level spirits each with fresh fruit for flavor, aroma or accompaniment; really helped elevate the beverages. three of the four house drinks were delicious, a good batting average for any mixologist.

              Unfortunately, there were two negatives - neither drastic, but in my opinion the most important elements of a restaurant:
              *the service: while the efficiency was sufficient, I feel that a server should have more than a working knowledge of the food, whether it be the ingredients, composition or flavor. I really do like to know what the 'house' prefers, not whats the most popular. our server was very nice, but seemed uncertain of himself and the food.
              *the food: good. not great. I love Black Market Liquor Bar in Studio City and this is the same chef's attempt at recreating her Italian Roots. I was excited. The menu looked marvelous. And the dishes were fine: beets & burrata salad was great but who doesn't have a beet salad right now? the oreganata scallops were average, the kale salad was both overdressed and too citrusy (though I put the onus on myself for ordering that) and the fried cauliflower & cardoon was interesting, though a bit underseasoned. The polenta was standard, not spectacular, and our Rigatoni pasta dish was good - but not transcendent.

              I will say that I came in with the burden of high expectations. The food was definitely solid and the vibe in the restaurant is strong.