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Jun 10, 2014 01:11 PM

GTA's largest 'Har Gow'?!

Just as the popular traditional Japanese Edomae Nigiri Sushi is supposed to be eaten in a single bite. The iconic Cantonese Dim Sum dish - steamed shrimp dumpling, aka 'Har Gow' is also supposed to be dainty in design and consumed in one single mouthful.

However, the Har Gow I had at 'Premier Banquet' on Leslie this lunch time was so huge that, taken into account of it being piping hot, it took me over two bites to finish off the humongous beast! Losing all the precious juice in the process!

With competing restaurants trying to gain market share and showing their patrons that they are getting their money's worth, Larger and larger size Dim Sums are emerging. Steamed Beef Meatballs the size of baseball for one!

What do they think of next? Steamed Turkey or Ostrich feet? Or Braised Elephant Tendons?!

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  1. I love har gow. The bigger, the better.

    1. I'm in the small Har Gow with thin skin camp.

      1. All in one bite!?

        Even at Casa Vic, I cannot fit those beasts all in one bite (well I could, but not in any well mannered

        1. while generally the fewer mouthfuls, the more flavour, i'd disagree with you about it being meant to be consumed in one single mouthful.

          two bites allows more flavour this time around.

          I think the largest I remember was on the second floor of pac mall, but that was back in the day.

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          1. re: filtered

            You can get more flavor by consuming a second morsel immediately!. Ha!

            Anyways, in Hong Kong, where I was originally from and where I pay visits every year to eat, ALL top Openrice rated and Michelin Star establishments follow the traditional 'dainty single bite' approach.

            As fellow hound Pincus also eluded to, small, one bite morsel usually has thin translucent wrapper to go with it, hence one would not be overwhelmed by thick doughy wrapper skin. As well, perfectly made morsels should enclose a bit of juice inside. Hence the single bite size to prevent the lost of the elixir. ( similarly, the size of the Shanghainese soup dumpling, Xiao Lung Bao is also kept to single mouthful size ). Authentic, traditional one also supposed to house one or two 'whole' prawns rather than a big ball of chopped up ones. Finally, Har Gow is treated as the reference yardstick for measuring the skill of the Dim Sum chef. Connoisseur frequently uses the number of 'fold' to identify the skill of the chef. Great chefs can create 11-13 folds per dumpling to showcase his/her skill. A huge dumpling size renders the task much easier and defeats this purpose.

            To each its own!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Yes, the XLB I had at Northern Dumpling Kitchen are absolutely doable in 1 bite (and so darn good!!!)

              I will have to experiment next time I am at CV and if any of my dining companions give me funny looks as I attempt to stuff my mouth, I will tell them Charles made me do it and it is in the name of scientific research!

              1. re: Sadistick

                Cool!! Your linking of consuming Har Gow to scientific research must be a first! Basis for a PhD!!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Not just consuming, but 1 bite mouthful capacity limitations to Har Gow volume ratios!

                  Surely some prestigious school out there wants to be the first in the Dim Sum PhD category....