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Jun 10, 2014 12:01 PM

Vermont Source for Barberries

I recently got a copy of Jerusalem, the cookbook, and have been noodling my way through. Does anyone have a suggestion of what market I might find barberries? I live in the Burlington area, and probably one of the smaller ethnic markets carries them. I was just hoping the Chowhound hive mind could help speed my quest. Extra points if they also carry date syrup!

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  1. They are used in Turkish cooking, right? Maybe call Istanbul kebab house up near Burlington and see if they can help you find some. Other than that, amazon is my only guess.

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    1. Try talking to the guy at the Arabic Supermarket in the place where the pet store used to be next to Junior's original location (70 Roosevelt Highway in Colchester).

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      1. re: Morganna

        Thanks Morganna! I will get back you if I meet with success!

      2. I hope you find the real thing, but if not, dried cranberries are a reasonable sub. Jerusalem the cookbook is amazing!

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        1. re: Madrid

          Madrid, I have only tried 5 or 6 recipes so far, but I have had great mileage with them. Looking forward to more.

        2. Do you want fresh or dried? I get the dried ones from to put in my breads and muffins.

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          1. re: shermybeagle

            I wanted dried, but I wanted to buy in a storefront if at all possible. I prefer not pay just as much in shipping as in direct food costs. Plus, I get a good reason to stop in yet another of the tiny bodegas around town.