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Jun 10, 2014 10:46 AM

Ground Cardamom

I'm cleaning and reorganizing my spice and herb cupboard. I just found that I have 3 full bottles of ground cardamom. Probably enough to last me a life time. Does anyone have recipe suggestions to help me use it up?

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  1. The cardamom coffee cake from Moosewood is amazing .
    Cardamom is nice with roasted carrots along with cumin.
    I use it in curries.
    But if it is old chuck it.

    1. Naturally, as a main component in curry and pastry.

      My favorite use is a tablespoon of it with diced onion, smashed garlic, ground cloves, black pepper, and salt. Cook mixture in a stick of butter, let cool, and marinade a cut up chicken in it for a day or so.

      Pour into baking dish and cook uncovered in the oven.
      Serve with white rice and veggie of choice. I always like summer squash with the sauce.

      1. Ground cardamon degrades pretty quickly. How long have those bottles been in there, and have they been opened?

        My Bombay Kitchen, a recent COTM has a cardamon cake that people have been raving about.

        1. Delicious in oatmeal.
          There were a few threads on cardamom in the last few years that have many more suggestions.

          1. I can give you a great recipe for Norwegian raisin rolls