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Jun 10, 2014 10:27 AM

ISO Birthday Cake in the Triangle, but not Super Sweet

I have a challenge to find a Birthday Cake that doesn't offer a sugar high or rot your teeth. And something chocolate, too. Who knows of a good option. Preferably in Raleigh, but Durham would be OK.

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  1. We're fans of Once in a Blue Moon in downtown Cary. We've enjoyed the Chocolate Encounter and Chocoholic, but these are over the top and don't fit your request. The Razzmatazz looks like it fits your challenge. German chocolate is a less sweet cake. If you give them a call I'm sure they can serve your need.

    1. Hmm Vegan Chocolate cake is less sweet & very chocolatey, I get mine from Weaver St in Carrboro but you could try Remedy Diner or call Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh