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Jun 10, 2014 10:15 AM

The Clam - Super nice people

I just had to say something; albeit brief, about how nice the people at The Clam are. GF and I were just trying to kill some time before a 7:00 dinner at the Bo.lan pop up and we decided to stop in to The Clam for a quick drink, after ordering a couple cocktails (which were excellent and refreshing) I realized I was hungry so decided to grab a 1/2 dozen of the oysters of the day (the cleanest job of shucking I have honestly ever seen), GF is a vegeterian so we got some fries to share also, just saying this to point out we weren't there spending big bucks. Chef added a couple bites of king crab on cocktail forks to my oyster assortment just because; the FOH manager (I believe) stopped and chatted for a while, hostess checked on us, it may not sound like much but if you were there you would know it was just being friendly, it was genuine and we really liked it. Can't wait to get back for a full meal because what others were eating looked great AND I already know it's a place run by nice people.

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  1. How refreshing to hear this! (Although the jaded new yorker in me is saying its cuz they're still so new...)
    Its too often that "just" ordering a few drinks and a snack gets you the stink eye and the bum's rush or you're simply ignored....

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    1. re: Ttrockwood

      The dreaded stink eye 'cuz you're taking up prime real estate; yup, I know that look...

    2. I just made a reservation for the weekend after next based on this (and the fact that the menu looks pretty darn appealing). Will report back.

      1. I found the same dedication to hospitality. Wish them well:

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          Oh, always nice to see confirmation...

        2. agree, re: Super Nice People...everyone was charming/cheerful...beyond that:

          -- excellent wine list...reasonably priced and well suited to the menu...most restaurants in NYC could learn a lot by perusing their list...

          -- shrimp cocktail...yummy, but way too much cocktail sauce in proportion to the shrimp...don't get me wrong: it's a decent deal for 10 bucks w/ the amt of shrimp/avocado, and the fresh fried just would be better if they didn't make you dig through all that Mine of Ketchup to get each succulent piece of shrimp...

          -- softshell crab entree..."jumbo" softshell crabs (2 of them) were the tiniest i've seen at any restaurant (Ayada, Giorgione, Legend, etc) this season -- "Mini" softshells would be more accurate -- i understand it's the day's catch, etc, but a more honest move would have been to throw in a 3rd crab given how tiny they were this was really an appetizer portion for 26 bucks...the crabs were decent, and the slaw was mild and yummy, but this was not a solid entree (had i been hungry and not just snacking i would have wanted 2x+ the food)...unfortunately, this really makes me doubt the the place that would serve this tiny portion w/o explanation...

          But overall, i like the place and space and people and will be back to explore a's a place i'd like to succeed

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          1. re: Simon

            How tough is it to get a table. The reviews have me salivating... open table doesn't show much but is looks more like they don't post the prime hours to opentable... I suppose I could just call and see.

            1. re: dyrewolf

              i just walked in 'round happy hr time on a Thursday...they are nice: i'm sure some combo of drinking nearby would work...

          2. So, after reading these great reviews I popped in last Saturday around 6:00PM with no rez. They had a table that they said they needed back at 7:45.. so no problem.

            Oysters to start (they were very, very good... plump and fresh.

            Next up my date and I split the fried oyster/lobster sandwich - also just great. And the clam fried rice - very good

            Staff was very nice and I will be back for a proper 8:30 dinner some night soon