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Jun 10, 2014 09:26 AM

South Beach with my 87 year old Dad (who has celiac disease)

I know this is a crazy specific situation, but I'm taking my Dad for a few days to South Beach (he did WW2 and went to the University of Miami on the GI Bill). He's a lovely, sweet guy. I want to feed him well. He has celiac disease so...I need some recommendations of places to eat where we can get plain fish, chicken, rice - nothing too spicy. And nothing too loud or too hip. I made a reservation at Milos (our one splurge). Anyone else have any ideas? I already asked Milos if it would be okay that he'll most likely be wearing sweatpants (pulled up over his belly button!) and a University of Miami windbreaker. They said yes :) Thank you for any advice.

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  1. I just wanted to alert you that milos is very expensive at night,but they offer a 3 course lunch for approx $26 that is great value.You may want to switch to lunch,and with the $150 you save drive or walk the 3 blocks to montys sunset at the miami beach marina to view the sunset and ships going by.Montys has free parking .

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      Milos has a 5:30:-7 pm dinner that is moderately priced ($49 per person)...

      You could also do Sardinia.

    2. Milos is probably a good call, especially if you've confirmed his dress-up outfit as you've described passes their muster. The food is already very simple (not a slight) and doesn't need much. And you've gotten some good advice about their lunch and early-bird specials (and potentially prohibitive pricing otherwise).

      As an alternate I might also suggest Restaurant Michael Schwartz in the Raleigh. It's quieter and more peaceful than most South Beach places, nice seating indoors and out, and I'm sure they'd accommodate a request to make something plain for Dad.

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        Have you tried The Dutch? I called them and they were willing to accommodate a gluten-free, sweatpants wearing octogenarian, but I'm wondering what the atmosphere is like? And if it's worth the expense? Thanks!

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          I've described the Dutch before as a place where people wear t-shirts and jeans, but they cost $200. It is a bit scene-y, but not so much out on the back terrace, which is a nice place for a meal. I like the Dutch - quite a bit - but it is kind of pricey, and I can see someone of a certain generation having a bit of sticker shock looking at the menu.

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            +1. I think the Dutch is great but it is pricey. It is not as expensive as most restaurants located in a high end hotel but you still have the high end hotel premium to deal with. If you go to dinner early, you don't have to worry about it being sceney at the Dutch. The place is usually empty before 8:30.

            I really think Sardinia is a good option and you can sit outside too if it is not too hot. Besides that, if you eat around 8 you will get the bonus of a pretty great sunset.

            Another option with a much better view (again if it is not too hot) is the Lido at the standard. I have not been in a while but the food is good (not quite as good as Sardinia) but the prices are not bad and the view is awesome, especially at sunset. I would do this over Monty's in a heartbeat. The dinner menu is also perfect for your father.

            You should know Montys can be loud btw.

      2. On Lincoln Road: Books & Books.
        In Coral gables: Seasons 52

        1. I recommend you check out Habanos in Miami Beach. It is affordable and delicious!

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              Yes! I am one of the persons who blogs and conduct the tours! Have you ever taken one?

          1. Thanks for the different recommendations. I really appreciate it! Monty's in particular seems like a great recommendation - I was totally unaware we could sit on the marina, and my Dad will love watching the ships go by. Thanks again to all of you who replied.