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best bring your own wine in Montreal

Katie L Apr 5, 2005 11:18 AM

Can anyone recommend good quality bring your own wine restaurants in Montreal. I have been warned to skip the Greek places on Prince ARthur

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    Johnnyboy RE: Katie L Apr 5, 2005 12:38 PM

    Depends on what you want. For french, try La Colombe, O Thym, or Christophe (pricier).

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      jay RE: Katie L Apr 5, 2005 11:23 PM

      I enjoyed a great meal at Le Petit Plateau last week, brough our own wine but still seemed to spend alot. We did have the most expensive mains on the menu at $26 and $28. I loved the place, charming, warm, great service and good food but a bit on the pricey side for a neighboor hood feeling place.

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      1. re: jay
        HenryT RE: jay Mar 25, 2008 07:41 PM

        Ate at La Coulombe one trip through Mtl last year with no reservation. About 9 pm, just dropped in. Worth it.

      2. c
        Capn'crunch RE: Katie L Apr 6, 2005 01:03 AM

        I have never tried La Colombe but have heard very goof things.You must reserve a few weeks in advance though.
        My reliable one is Chez Yo-Yo, always very good French bistro fare.Lively atmosphere.
        We tried La Pégase 6 months ago and it was very good.Again French style but quiet atmosphere.

        1. s
          shopgirl RE: Katie L Apr 6, 2005 01:24 PM

          A very special person recommended Les Heritiers and we are still talking about it. We did the tasting menu at $38/pp (USD) and it was the best meal ever!
          We are returning this summer and will definitely go there again!

          1. c
            Coco RE: Katie L Apr 8, 2005 08:19 PM

            L'Academie is always a cheap option and most of their dishes are at a reasonable price. I didn't like their veal dishes but their mussel and fries are a steal at 11$ as well as all pasta plates. I beleive there is one on St. Denis as well as brossard and laval. Usually alot of people lining up at the St. Denis place. Again not the most AMAZING restaurant but pretty good for the price and a bring your own wine place.

            1. c
              Chris RE: Katie L Apr 24, 2005 02:09 PM

              If you like fish, you should try Le Poisson Rouge on Rachel at the corner of de la Roche. It's a small BYOB restaurant with good service. Table d'hote, including a choice of entrees, delicious fish soup served with rouille, main course, desert and coffee (real expresso machine coffee, not filter crap) is $35. Reservations are necessary. Service is good. They have 6pm and 9pm services.

              A couple of nights ago, I had red wine-marinated mahi mahi. Cooked to perfection. On another visit, the red tuna steak (for $5 extra) was succulent.

              Location is great - it faces Parc La Fontaine, so you can walk off the wonderful meal afterwards. Only downside is that there's a lot of traffic on de la Roche.

              1. m
                marshall Green RE: Katie L Aug 1, 2005 05:36 PM

                We recently ate at Les Vents du Sud in the Plateau area. The food was excellant. Standard French dishes but also basque food. The table d'hote was a very good value. I thought that for the quality of the food and pleasant ambience, it was a real find. The staff was very friendly and helpful. As requested, you could bring your own wine.

                1. d
                  Dino F RE: Katie L Dec 1, 2005 12:20 PM

                  Camp's (La Campagniola)
                  Ave Dollard
                  Lasalle, Quebec

                  THE best Italian bring your own wine restaurant in Montreal hand's down.
                  Very reasonable prices too!

                  1. p
                    Pat RE: Katie L May 22, 2006 08:15 PM

                    1. Yoyo. Great value. Fun. Cheapest of the bunch.

                    2. Les Heritiers. Excellent food. A mature feel. Quiet - admittedly I went on a rainy sunday at 6pm.

                    3. Colombe. Excellent. Interesting. Great location.

                    4. Les Infideles. Most expensive. Could have been great and should have been great for the price. But was simply good. Plus it has a St. Laurent meat market feel which is unusual for BYOW places which usually cater to the food, wine & conversation crowd.

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                    1. re: Pat
                      Fatfrank RE: Pat Mar 22, 2008 07:52 PM

                      Since I'm on the topic tonight, Camélia des Tropiques on Cote des Neiges is gourmet Vietnamese, soft up scale crowd, fantastique food, the chef must be trained in gourmet Vietnamese cusine and the prices are ridiculously low (I hate to give this place away because the atmosphere is always so great!)
                      Coba on Laurier is also great Asian, fantastic decor
                      Kejarki for sushi on Décarie, close to an SAQ, cosy with great sushi,
                      Punja palace, West Island, a great Indian buffet and 'Apportez Votre Vin' imagine that a buffet and avv!
                      And Vivaldi Italian cuisine to die for! on the West Island fantastique decor, service.
                      These are all great bring your own wine restaurants! Only in Quebec do we have it so good!

                      1. re: Fatfrank
                        carswell RE: Fatfrank Mar 22, 2008 08:06 PM

                        Camélia has gone BYOB? Since when? Though it's nearby, I don't go often because the food has always struck me as lacklustre -- good quality ingredients but not very excitingly prepared -- and thus not particularly tempting when Phô Lien, Hoai Houng and the late, lamented Au Cyclo are/were almost as accessible. But if the place is a BYO, I'll certainly be returning soon.

                        1. re: carswell
                          lagatta RE: carswell Mar 23, 2008 07:14 AM

                          According to what I read, it certainly seems to be a BYOW. Perhaps not the most exciting place, but very convenient for when I have to meet someone at UdM.

                        2. re: Fatfrank
                          devilishlyj RE: Fatfrank Mar 22, 2008 11:09 PM

                          Is that Kejaki? I order from them all the time, I should try the resto then.

                          I like L'Academie myself :)

                      2. Aspiring Foodie RE: Katie L Mar 24, 2008 07:15 AM

                        In Verdun there is a relatively new BYOB called Luciano's which is also quite good, at least from a value standpoint. All they serve for mains are pasta dishes, but the execution is usually spot on. I've enjoyed every single one I have tasted. The only slight issue people might have with this place is that it is run by a cantankerous old man that some folks might find offensive. I personally find him charming, but then I find cantankerous old men cute. Anyway, if you can handle his snide little half-joking comments, you'll most likely enjoy this place (that is, if you ever make it to Verdun. I'd also strongly recommend reservations.)

                        Closer to home (for me the Plateau) I've enjoyed Jardin de Panos...they do a good filet mignon brochette and their tzatziki is some of the best. Also they put a lot of fresh dill in their salad which I love.

                        1. c
                          cricri7 RE: Katie L Mar 24, 2008 08:06 AM

                          For me it is Le zeste de folie on Masson. The food is top notch, so much that I think it is better than Yoyo who was always a favorite of mine. Le zeste is not cheap, but the food really is incredible. I went 2 weeks ago and I had an appetizer which was simple in appearance, but so tasty. It was green string beans with smoked lamb and mint. It was tasty and not too filling. My friend had the salmon tartare was incredible. Their desserts are also great.

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                          1. re: cricri7
                            swissfoodie RE: cricri7 Mar 24, 2008 09:36 AM

                            I was there last week with a wine tasting group and the food was okay but seriously overdressed. They started us off with a flower covered in vinegar! I had the green bean salad as well and could barely taste anything because of the thick balsamic dressing... Not to mention that this option is not a good idea if you plan to taste anything in your glass. I had the skate wing as a main and found it okay but underseasoned. Finally, the desserts were very good - that's for sure.

                          2. h
                            HenryT RE: Katie L Mar 25, 2008 07:44 PM

                            Last weekend, hit O Thym - excellent French, slightly nouvelle - quail, trou normande (lemon sorbet and vodka), lovely rack of lamb.

                            La Raclette - Swiss - the raclette's a good appetizer, I had a very nice salmon with moutarde.

                            1. s
                              soultana RE: Katie L Mar 26, 2008 08:01 AM

                              There is also Porto Vino on autoroute 40 west and now at carrefour Laval. I love it there. I prefer it to L'academie.

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