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Apr 5, 2005 11:18 AM

best bring your own wine in Montreal

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Can anyone recommend good quality bring your own wine restaurants in Montreal. I have been warned to skip the Greek places on Prince ARthur

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  1. Depends on what you want. For french, try La Colombe, O Thym, or Christophe (pricier).

    1. I enjoyed a great meal at Le Petit Plateau last week, brough our own wine but still seemed to spend alot. We did have the most expensive mains on the menu at $26 and $28. I loved the place, charming, warm, great service and good food but a bit on the pricey side for a neighboor hood feeling place.

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        Ate at La Coulombe one trip through Mtl last year with no reservation. About 9 pm, just dropped in. Worth it.

      2. I have never tried La Colombe but have heard very goof things.You must reserve a few weeks in advance though.
        My reliable one is Chez Yo-Yo, always very good French bistro fare.Lively atmosphere.
        We tried La Pégase 6 months ago and it was very good.Again French style but quiet atmosphere.

        1. A very special person recommended Les Heritiers and we are still talking about it. We did the tasting menu at $38/pp (USD) and it was the best meal ever!
          We are returning this summer and will definitely go there again!

          1. L'Academie is always a cheap option and most of their dishes are at a reasonable price. I didn't like their veal dishes but their mussel and fries are a steal at 11$ as well as all pasta plates. I beleive there is one on St. Denis as well as brossard and laval. Usually alot of people lining up at the St. Denis place. Again not the most AMAZING restaurant but pretty good for the price and a bring your own wine place.