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Pubs for World cup viewing downtown.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. The closer to the MGH the better.

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  1. I bet Harvard Gardens will play some games, as well as a some of the Garden/N. Station bars. Maybe Beacon Hill Pub, the Sevens, or the Hill. I'm guessing you'll need to get to Mr. Dooley's or thereabouts to find places where people are really into it.

      1. I know there are several in the North End including The Pushcart Caffe. Nice walk from the MGH area to the North End.

        1. I posted this question to my social-media friends. One posted that Globe link. I'll put up more as they come in, and hopefully some will post directly here. Phoenix Landing is a fun spot to watch a match that I used in the last World Cup, and it's only a couple of stops away from MGH on the Red Line.


          1. Whats more important, atmosphere or the food?

            The best pure football pub near MGH is Phoenix Landing in Central square, only 2 stops away on the Red Line.

            Other good options are The Banshee in Dorchester (worth the trip on the Redline), LIr (Back Bay), The Field (Central Square) and Landsdowne Pub (Fenway) for general neutral or England/USA matches.

            Cafe Delo Sport in the North end is also great, especially when Italy and Argentina are playing. Portugalia in East Cambridge for Portugal matches and Midwest Grill also in East Cambridge for any Brazil related games. There are also quite a few other spots scattered around the city if you wanted to watch a particular country play.

            Overall though, every pub or bar in the city will be showing the games, but not all will have the atmosphere of the places mentioned above.

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              It's been a while, so my info could be out of date, but AFAIK Midwest Grill doesn't have much in the way of a TV at all. I agree about the atmosphere, but if you actually want to WATCH the game, I think I would go elsewhere.

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                I thought they did at the bar in the back, not in the restaurant part.

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                  They typically set up 2 big projector screens in the dining area during World Cup. Especially during Brazil matches, they clear away all the tables and set up the chairs facing the screens and serve a buffet style meal instead of table service.

                  Can't say for sure if it will be the same this world cup, but I would imagine so.

                  1. re: Matt H

                    Yes this is what they did for the last WC. They did make you buy a special package deal where you get a meal, a drink, and a white Brazil t-shirt with the date of that day's match. A bit pricey but was decent fun.

                    1. re: lossless

                      The Brazil v. Ivory Coast match last world cup there was especially fun.

                2. re: Matt H

                  Tavern at the end of the world can be a fun place for Football.

                  1. re: Matt H

                    I fear Caffe Dello Sport will be completely jammed. Are there other good options to watch the Italy game?

                    1. re: Hungry Karen

                      If you can't get into Dello, try Paradisio, Graffiti or Ducali as alternatives.

                      1. re: Matt H

                        Graffiti has been closed for a while...;-(

                        1. re: phatchris

                          The reincarnation kind of sucked, just weird with that entrance, front cafe part, etc.

                          1. re: Beachowolfe

                            I agree, nothing like the original.

                          2. re: phatchris

                            Had no idea, but chances are I haven't been there since last World Cup?

                    2. Phoenix Landing in Central Square, The Field in Central Square (offers outdoor, patio seating with TVs outside to watch games), Banshee Bar in Dorchester, Lir in Back Bay, Champions Bar at the Marriott Copley Place - all are mainly soccer bars and great options!

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                      1. re: kathleenwhead

                        shhhhh, the patio at the Field is a somewhat under the radar spot compared to other destinations. ;)

                          1. re: Small Plates

                            Except when they expect to keep tabs for customers during Eurocup finals. I received a bill for me and 20 strangers who had sat at my table for about 10 minutes while the pub was likely 200 people over-capacity. Why they weren't making people pay drink-by-drink, I don't know.

                          2. re: black_lab

                            Phoenix Landing is the best place in Cambridge, if OP thinks of downtown expansively, but it will be packed.

                            The Field patio may be under the radar, but it's also basically a fenced-in parking lot.

                            Is Champions in the Marriott really a soccer bar? I thought it was just a generic sports bar. There's also a Champions in the Marriott in Kendall, even closer to MGH.

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                              Champions is definitely not a football specific bar, but does draw a good amount of Spanish expats for La Liga matches, so I would expect it to be a decent alternative to the other Cambridge bars especially if Spain is playing.

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                                Champions was the only bar I listed that isn't specifically a soccer bar although as mentioned by another, it generally draws a soccer crowd for big games. Another place, albeit much smaller, is The Druid in Inman Square. They pull down a screen and project the games for the entire bar.

                          3. Another vote for Phoenix Landing. Have been there a few times for Premier League games and always a blast. Imagine it will be hopping for WC matches.

                            1. Any suggestions downtown?

                              I watched a game or two at Landsdowne last cup and the atmosphere was awesome. Maybe not the most knowledgeable fans, but packed with people rooting for the US. They pull down the screen behind the stage so it's easy to get a good view.

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                                McGann's on Portland street usually airs it (right by the Garden, and very close to MGH)

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                                  I watched a lot of games at the Clark's in Faneuil Hall last World Cup. Bar was mostly Spain fans

                                2. Closest to MGH then Kinsale is probably your best bet. I have watched a few Premiere League matches there so I know they support the game. I can personally vouch for Lir on Boylston as a huge Arsenal pub and I am sure they will show all the matches.

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                                    I'm going to try the Kinsale, thanks.

                                    1. re: bclarke25

                                      Boston Gooners posted this before the WC started re: Lir.

                                      "WORLD CUP VIEWING UPDATE:

                                      With the World Cup a mere day away, we wanted to clarify the Boston Gooners group viewing situation.

                                      We will be holding "official" BG events at Lir for each US match. We will be upstairs with the two large tables on the left side facing the rear of the room reserved. We're expecting big crowds for these matches, so those wanting a seat should try to get there as early as possible.

                                      In addition, due to the presence of various Arsenal internationals on various squads, we'll have those same tables reserved to have "unofficial" group viewings for the following matches with favorable time slots:

                                      - England v Italy (Saturday, 14th June @6p)
                                      [NOTE: WE WILL BE AT CROSSROADS PUB (495 Beacon St, Boston) FOR THIS MATCH ONLY– Lir is Puma's official Italy pub and we cannot secure guaranteed space.]
                                      - France v Honduras (Sunday, 15th June @3p)
                                      - Germany v Ghana (Saturday 21st June @3p)

                                      There will doubtlessly be other matches during the week where BGs will be at Lir, but this will be purely on an informal basis with nothing organized."

                                    2. I've watched the World Cup at the Field, Phoenix Landing, and Grafton Street in Harvard Square.

                                      All were great fun with enthsiastic fans from many countries, Phoenix Landing is a bit of a dump and Grafton Street relatively upscale of course.

                                      There are also very enthusiastic places in the North End, I only went there once and don't remember the names.


                                        1. The Greatest Bar had an INCREDIBLE crowd yesterday at 3pm for Netherlands/Spain. Even if you're not a fan of the Netherlands (or The Greatest Bar in general), you'll instantly become one. It was a sea of head to toe orange and contagious enthusiasm. The place was packed.

                                          In general, I thought the Greatest Bar put on a great party. They were passing traditional Dutch apps and had a DJ for half-time and really kept the party going after the game at a time when a place would usually clear out. I was impressed (and it was a ton of fun)!

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                                          1. re: OliveJones

                                            Impressive. Usually that place is insufferable: The Bro-iest Bar.


                                            1. re: MC Slim JB

                                              Completely agree! Douchiest of the douchiest. And I'm sure it became insufferable once the night crowd rolled in, but at 3pm and with all the super fans, it was a great time.

                                            2. re: OliveJones

                                              I'm sure it didn't hurt that the Dutch hung 5 on Spain's head!! What a slaughter!

                                              Very cool to find out about a NED supporters bar though, thanks!

                                              1. re: OliveJones

                                                Damn, now I'm bummed out.
                                                I felt like I was the only guy wearing orange in 2010. Mostly went to The Druid and The Field (they opened up at 7:30am for me).

                                                Sucks none of the Netherlands games are on the weekend, maybe they'll get one if they make it out of the group round though.

                                                1. re: OliveJones

                                                  Not completely unexpected, they do a pretty solid college football setup. Sounds like a lot of people need to get out at different times of the day.

                                                  BTW, the constant hating on "bros" is insufferable.

                                                  1. re: Beachowolfe

                                                    I'll stand by my antipathy to bro-bars. I'm a grownup. It's useful to know where man-child drinkers congregate.


                                                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                      There are bars in Allston that several women I know won't set foot in because of their not-unsubstantiated reputations for being full of dudes, bros, and dudebros, both with and without roofies in hand. I have no problem with not liking places like that, nor with voting with my dollars by going elsewhere.

                                                2. Although it's not downtown, I'm hearing great things about the viewings at KO Pies at the Shipyard.

                                                  1. Since we have hit the round of 16, any updates on country specific places to watch from who is left in the competition?

                                                    A few not mentioned:

                                                    Mexico: Angela's has been playing all the Mexico matches, along with $1 taco's and $2 beers during games.

                                                    Colombia: Taverna Medallo and Kiosco in East Boston.

                                                    Greece: I noticed a facebook post from a friend saying he was going to watch the Greece match at Desfina in East Cambridge. Never been myself, but might be a good option.

                                                    Uruguay: There was a Uruguayan meet up to watch their group stage matches at "The Place" in the Financial district. Not sure if this will continue.

                                                    Costa Rica: Another meet up for one of their matches at "The Place" as well. Could have just been due to them playing Uruguay, but seems like fans from both countries were there.

                                                    France: French cultural center of Boston in Back Bay.

                                                    Nigeria: Is Suya Joint doing anything for World Cup?

                                                    Germany: Goethe Institut in Back Bay. The Bronwyn also had an event for the US v. Germany match.

                                                    US and Brazil I wont both add, too many places to name around town. Otherwise not sure where to watch the other countries remaining.

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                                                      Phoenix Landing was good for Argentina (and some others but I'm vague now), The Field good for England (now out of course), and Grafton Street was pretty good for many countries.


                                                    2. Best two places I've been so far:
                                                      Lir was awesome for the Germany-Ghana game last Saturday. It's always good to support a pub that regularly supports soccer.

                                                      KO Pies in East Boston for USA-Portugal. First off, it's outdoors which is great. Second, Samual Monseur is now there and the pupusas were unbelieveable!

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                                                      1. re: bclarke25

                                                        I agree Lir is legit year round. I have no love for Arsenal, but the Boston Gooners show up pretty strong week in and week out there.

                                                        I need to check out KO Pies for a match, which teams are best to watch there? USA matches?