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Jun 10, 2014 09:01 AM


Any reviews of Breadberry, in Boro Park, Brooklyn? Haven't gotten there yet, and would love to hear. Also, what is the parking situation?

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  1. Was there a few days after opening...nice with great variety. Breads baked in-house. Interesting cheeses. Appealing (looking) prepared foods and regular grocery items, too. Staff was very helpful.

    1. Was also there within a week of opening. Nice selection of cheese, takeout food was beautifully displayed. Staff was friendly- brought my daughter a mini shopping cart and offered her a taste of chicken nuggets.

      The "fancy" desserts seemed way overpriced. My husband said the cheese Danish was just ok, and the chocolate muffin was too dense.

      Place was PACKED towards the back, near the sushi, fish counter, and hummus/dips. Better flow could have been figured out. Or maybe it was just very crowded.

      Oh, and the spicy nuggets were delicious. (According to husband)

      1. Oh and RE parking:
        It's metered parking up and down 60th st. Along the side streets there's free parking. (Watch for alternate side)

        I parked closer to the library, since that's where we were going.

        1. Is this a new high end supermarket? Can anyone say how it compares to Pomegranate in selection and prices? I am especially interested in unusual/hard to find kosher grocery items, more than prepared foods.

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            Yes. Smaller than pomegranate. Very similar layout, but slightly more cramped. Nothing that I haven't seen elsewhere

          2. Went to Breadberry on Friday. In a word - disappointing. In most respects it's an inferior Pomegranate copy. Design of store and format are copied. Prices are similar (high). But, smaller, there are fewer choices and meat doesn't seem to be same quality. If I were Pomegrenate I would be very unhappy with the misappropriation of the look. On quality and selection - I won't be back. I'd much rather go to Pomegranate.