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Jun 10, 2014 06:44 AM

Three days in Asheville

I've looked through the old threads, but nothing seems to have been updated in the past few months.

Will be there Sun-Tues in late June, staying downtown. I need bakery/coffee and grown up lunch recs especially. I've done Tupelo, Early Girl, Sunnypoint.
Dinner plans for Rhubarb and pizza at All Souls. Been to Table and Curate.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Dough for bakery/coffee. Egg toast and cronuts are excellent.

    Posana for brunch or lunch. Wicked Weed for outdoor dining, great beers and good food. Over Easy is fantastic for brunch/lunch. White Duck Taco downtown or in River Arts District. You may enjoy Chestnut for lunch as well.

    I prefer Pizza Pura to All Souls personally. They are close to each other. Maybe try both!

    There are about 3 more recent threads on Avl showing up now on this page - those would be worth a scroll thru for other ideas too.

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    1. re: miss piggy

      Haven't done Chesnut yet, but I'll second all of Miss Piggy's other recs. You can also sit outside and have a decent burger at Universal Joint in W. Asheville. (5 mins. by cab or car.)

    2. We enjoyed Storm Rhum Bar when we were there a few years ago, opens at 4pm, so would have to be a late lunch. Live in Miami Beach but rented a downtown loft for a month Aug-Sep, so following this thread for ideas.

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      1. re: ruthless2

        Ate at Storm for Mother's Day. Nice piece of fish, great cocktails. The burger my wife had was a little dry, though--but she always orders "well done." :-(