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Jun 10, 2014 04:20 AM

World Cup venues 2014?

This time, the World Cup is in the Western hemisphere, with only a couple of hours' time zone difference, so it could mean differences in where people want to gather, and what they might want to eat and drink while watching the matches.

Any favourites or new ideas (possibly including towns and cities outside Montréal + immediate suburbs)?

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  1. Spain: Club Espanol
    England: Burgundy Lion
    Italy: throw a rock and you'll hit one
    Portugal: ditto around St-Laurent/Duluth
    Greece: throw a rock on Parc Avenue
    France: L'Barouf (edit -thanks, Max) (also Marseillaise on Parc)

    That's all I got offhand. There's some powers I have no idea where to go, namely Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and Netherlands. Probably around Villeray for the L'American countries? I'll ask around...

    p.s. Most matches are just one hour ahead of EST, actually, and the deep interior cities are same as us. So nothing should be more than an hour ahead.

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    1. re: Shattered

      For France expats/supporters, the "Quartier Général" is at L'Barouf on St-Denis.

        1. re: Maximilien

          That is true, but there are also two France supporter clubs on avenue du Parc: La Massillia (Marseilles supporters) and Le Parc des Princes (Paris supporters). I think Germany supporters are meeting at Bier Markt, 1221, boulevard René-Lévesque W.

          I wouldn't be surprised if England supporters up here converge at Bishop & Bagg pub.

          1. re: lagatta

            Whoops, Massillia, that's what I meant for Marseillaise.

            Good call on Bishop & Bagg.

            1. re: Shattered

              L'Barouf was overflowing into the street with French fans and t.v. crews yesterday and there were also lineups at other places nearby, Hachoir etc., so if anyone does plan to go to L'Barouf it's probably wise to get there pretty early.

              1. re: Plateaumaman

                Definitely get there early. These places pack up fast.

                1. re: Hiero

                  Just got a notice in my mailbox that they are setting up a big screen in the ruelle de la Bolduc/Rachel/Berri for the next game between France and Switzerland on Friday. I guess everyone got sick of standing on the sidewalk on St-Denis.

      1. Algeria – Kamela and many others
        Argentina – La Milsa
        Australia – TA Pies
        Belgium – Bières et compagnie
        Bosnia and Herzegovina –
        Brazil – Champs and many others
        Cameroon –
        Chile – Barros Luco and many others
        Colombia – Arepera du Plateau and many others
        Costa Rica –
        Croatia –
        Ecuador –
        England – Burgundy Lion/Bishop & Bagg
        France – L'Barouf/Marseillaise and many others
        Germany – Vieux Kitzbühel
        Ghana –
        Greece – Olympico and many others
        Honduras –
        Iran – La Maison De Kebab/Château Amoo Jamal and many others
        Italy – Caffè Italia and many others
        Ivory Coast –
        Japan – Imadake
        Mexico – La Tamalera/Cactus and many others
        Netherlands –
        Nigeria –
        Portugal – Champs and many others
        Russia – La Caverne and many others
        South Korea – GaNaDaRa and many others
        Spain – Club Espanol and many others
        Switzerland – Alpenhaus
        United States – Any Hotel
        Uruguay – Churros Montreal

        Can anybody fill in the holes?

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        1. re: EaterBob

          Argentine fans go to a Brazillian restaurant? You sure about that?

          Also, the German place isn't even on the island. I guess if there's no German place they go to Champs or Station des Sports by default.

          1. re: Shattered

            The original poster mentioned Montreal and vicinity/suburbs, so nothing wrong with Vieux Kitzbuel. Anyway, I think you could pretty much go to any place in the city with a TV set in the coming month and you could be guaranteed any match will be on and there will be an interest.

            Most of Bob's venues are places where there will be a large interest, others it seems he just matched the cuisine with the teams but doesn't mean there will be TVs or a crowd. i.e. Tamelara, TA Pies, Ganadara. These places have screens but I can't say I've ever noticed anything but DVDs rolling. Obviously the sports bars and a lot of those cafes will have the most interest.

            1. re: JerkPork

              Yes, of course I want any hounds in suburbs to list their favourite spots as well. There must be places in Laval...

            2. re: Shattered

              My bad on Le Milsa. But I can't imagine anyone going to L'Atelier d'Argentine to watch a game...

              Personally, I want to know where to go to root for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Cameroon.

              1. re: EaterBob

                Well, there is el club social argentino de Montréal, 339 Henri Bourassa E. (near St-Denis and the métro).


                Yes, they serve food and drinks.

                There used to be Restaurante Argentino at the corner of Beaubien and St-Michel, but it went out of business. It was a fun gathering place, but the food wasn't very good.

                Psst, if Italy is eliminated, Argentinos will be welcome at any Italian caffè.

              2. re: Shattered

                Several sites also mention Le Saint-Laurent Frappé as a gathering place for Germany fans.

                4 years ago, Institut Goethe organized a viewing, but I haven't received any news of that this year (they have moved, and may not have an appropriate space where they are now).

              3. re: EaterBob

                unfortunately, the Vieux Kitz does not exist anymore !

                1. Mtl Blog has this:
                  Some we already listed, some solid rec's like Bobards (for Brazil) and the African places in CDN.

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                  1. re: Shattered

                    Yes, it is true that Bobards is a Brazil spot, at least at times. It is in the heart of Little Portugal (opposite Parc du Portugal) and both Portugal and Brazil fans hang out there - the bar features or featured many Brazilian musicians - I don't know whether the noise complaints have been sorted out.

                    Do they serve any food?

                    1. re: lagatta

                      Other than (free) peanuts, I don't think so.

                      1. re: lagatta

                        Nope, no kitchen.

                        Glad you mentioned the noise complaints. Good news! Resolution is in sight. Councillor Christine Gosselin has proposed modifications to the bylaws that recognizes bars and showrooms.

                        I went to a hearing on it on May 27th, it's mentioned in the article linked to below.

                        In a nutshell: Right now, the same noise bylaw that applies to residential buildings applies to bars. Of course, this is generally not enforced, it would be impossible to have any bars open in the city. The problems started when a few idiots started repeatedly making complaints, and the police had no options but to follow the letter of the law. They even fined people for making noise exiting a bar at 3am! Again, the current law is unworkeable if applied to bars.

                        Her modifications seem to strike a good balance: Bars and showrooms would get licenses for music if they soundproof their venues. Remarkably, there's nothing in the law about soundproofing right now, and most bars (like Bobards) that have live music don't have the proper show-venue licenses. Nonetheless, soundproofing wouldn't override the ability to make noise complaints. But at least the cops will hopefully take it into account (and be the wiser when the complaints come from just one or two neighbours), or venues can continue to upgrade soundproofing instead of getting shut down.

                        The second main effect of the proposal would be that new bars/venues won't be allowed to open adjacent to current dwellings (again, kinda blew my mind that Montreal doesn't have clear rules about this already like every other city, but then again, I guess that's why Mtl isn't as boring as every other city). So it will actually be harder to open new venues off the main arteries, and new small neighbourhood bars may be a thing of the past in the Plateau. But if the current crop of bars and informal concert venues can avoid heavy fines and/or being forced out of business by ending live shows, I'm all for it.

                        Anyway, you can read more here:


                      1. re: EaterBob

                        Really good update; they had a list earlier but it wasn't that precise or detailed.