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Jun 9, 2014 08:59 PM

Best Birthday Chocolate Cake [near Plainview, Long Island]

My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and I wanted to get her a great chocolate cake. She doesn't love buttercream and would prefer something with fudge or mousse instead. I'm trying to spend in the $30-40 range for a cake tops. Any suggestions?

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  1. Where are you located? This board covers all of NY State outside of the five boroughs of NYC.

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      1. re: shap89

        If you tell me where on Long Island I promise to suggest a great chocolate cake.

        1. re: emarcus

          I am in plainview. I got my cake from malverne bakery last year and it was really good. Just curious if there is anything better

          1. re: shap89

            Malverne Bakery is really good. For a spectacularly tall, delicious cake, try Torta Fina in Babylon or Commack. Elegant delicious cake at Fiorello Dolce in Huntington. One of my favorite chocolate layer cakes is at Buttercooky in Manhasset and Floral Park. You've got Sweet Karma right there in Plainview.

            1. re: emarcus

              have you heard of Front Street Bakery in Rockville Centre? Is it better than Malverne?

              1. re: shap89

                Front Street Bakery is also excellent. You can't go wrong with any of these places.

                1. re: emarcus

                  between malverne bakery and front street bakery for a chocolate cake, which would you choose?

              2. re: emarcus

                Buttercooky's chocolate cake is really good.

                1. re: emarcus

                  Buttercooky definitely worth the 25 minute a kid I lived about 3 blocks away, and it is still good as ever!!

        2. even though it's not really a birthday cake,the frozen chocolate ganache cake at trader joes is very good. btw, today is my 60 th b'day

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            1. re: chowdom

              took my own advice (sort of) went to tj's to return some whiskey sour pickles (ugh) and "traded" for the chocolate cake in the fresh baked section. Well it was chocolate- so of course it was good. Stopped at only one candle on top!

              1. re: 51rich

                That's the spirit...young at heart

                1. re: 51rich

                  If it was the Plainview TJ's, the ShopRite just across Woodbury Road sells very good Mr. Pickle sour pickles from the barrel, as well as half sours (or new, not sure as I only buy the sour) and sauerkraut.

            2. Fiorello Dolce on Wall St. in Huntington makes a wonderful chocolate truffle cake that's bittersweet, has truffles on the top and a wonderful ganache filling. I think you need to call to order it, but they make the small single serving size daily still. To Die For.

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              1. re: mcf

                Second that. Fiorello Dolce is pretty reliably excellent across the board.

              2. The bakery in Plainview , order a special order get their chocolate mousse cake. If you order it special it will be very fresh and delicious

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                  1. re: sbp

                    Probably The Bakery, 327 South Oyster Bay Road.