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Jun 9, 2014 08:30 PM

Greek lunch and two duffle bags

Here's the 411.

I fly into Midway on Wednesday morning, my Chicago hookup has just bailed on me, I live in Dallas where they can't even spell Greek food and come hell or high water, I'm cabbing it to somewhere for a Greek lunch.

Problem: I'm en route on a fishing trip to this far away place called Manitoba, Canada so I am saddled with two large duffle bags.

What I need: A couple of restaurant recommendations, preferably Greektown, where I'm not going to look like too much of an idiot walking in with two roller duffle bags that someone is going to have to deal with while I eat.

After that, I'm cabbing it to Hinsdale to meet the travel group, if that makes any difference.

My promise: I will report back on this thread about my lunch. It's a way-back-when CH tradition that not a lot of people know about.

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  1. You won't look odd walking into a restaurant with two large duffle bags. Not unless there's a body in them, anyway. :)

    You can't go wrong with the big well-known ones: the Parthenon, Greek Islands, Santorini.

    This topic is from a few years ago, but Greek restaurants in Greek Town are one of the few segments of the Chicago restaurant scene that really don't change much over the years:

    What's the best Greek Restaurant in Greek Town? -

    1. You mention that you will be en route to Hinsdale. Worth mentioning that there is a Greek Islands outpost in Lombard just a couple of miles from the Hinsdale border.

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          Excellent idea, Polski. If that's the only reason you were going downtown, you would be a lot better off just going straight to Lombard and then from there to Hinsdale.

          I've eaten at both and they're basically the same food. But with free parking in Lombard. :)