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Fresh strawberries. Greater Providence.

shutterbugRI Jun 9, 2014 07:34 PM

I am making a fresh strawberry pie this week. My favorite summer pie. Since the berries are not cooked I am hoping to find some tasty sweet fresh strawberries.

Unfortunately I cannot wait for the Saturday farmers' markets.

Has anyone seen locally-grown strawberries in Providence-area grocery stores so far this season?

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    shutterbugRI RE: shutterbugRI Jun 11, 2014 01:22 PM

    Was unable to find local strawberries at the grocery stores but Dave’s Market is having a sale on them, $2.50 per16 oz. container. I was able to snag several Driscoll’s from among the other brands.

    Also on sale at Dave’s is Narragansett Creamery yogurt. I have just discovered it and am amazed at the creaminess and body plus it just plain tastes delicious. It is now my absolute favorite. It is a bit expensive but the sale price is four 8-oz containers for $5.00

    I am already a fan of their fresh mozzarella.

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      RhodyRedHen RE: shutterbugRI Jun 11, 2014 02:28 PM

      Yeah, I hadn't seen any local strawberries yet--probably just a few weeks early. Isn't the Narragansett Creamery yogurt great?? Their feta is quite good too, use it regularly.

      Is your strawberry pie straight strawberries (like no rhubarb or other element)? I actually don't think I've ever tried making that, sounds good.

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        shutterbugRI RE: RhodyRedHen Jun 15, 2014 12:45 PM


        Fresh strawberry pie is a terrific summer dessert. I also make it with other berries, most often blueberries. It is always a hit.

        Haven’t had much success with other fruits. The flesh isn’t the right texture for uncooked fruit.

        This recipe from epicurious is similar to the one I make. I use my own pie crust recipe and only water to make the filling as I haven’t found cranberry/raspberry concentrate.


        Can’t wait for local strawberries to ripen. They make the best pie.

        Thanks for mentioning Narragansett Creamery feta. Hope to try it soon.

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      Frank Terranova RE: shutterbugRI Jun 15, 2014 05:22 PM

      Salisbury Farm
      Sweet Berry Farm
      Schartener Farm

      I went yesterday the berry's are a bit tart though.3 weeks left and the heat will make them pop. California Berrys are good they are big but No flavor. Fl. has a pretty good crop if you can find them.

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        Clams047 RE: Frank Terranova Jun 16, 2014 03:26 AM

        Fully agree about the CA strawberries. Haven't seen much of the FL crop this year. Not sure if FL had a bad crop this year or whether the local grocers simply prefer to go with lowest price or what looks biggest / best.

        Give me the typical smaller, more flavorful FL vs. CA strawberries any day (except when native berries are available).

        1. re: Frank Terranova
          shutterbugRI RE: Frank Terranova Jun 16, 2014 06:05 AM

          Thanks for the update. Salisbury Farm is new to me.
          Will give a try.

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