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Jun 9, 2014 07:34 PM

Fresh strawberries. Greater Providence.

I am making a fresh strawberry pie this week. My favorite summer pie. Since the berries are not cooked I am hoping to find some tasty sweet fresh strawberries.

Unfortunately I cannot wait for the Saturday farmers' markets.

Has anyone seen locally-grown strawberries in Providence-area grocery stores so far this season?

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  1. Was unable to find local strawberries at the grocery stores but Dave’s Market is having a sale on them, $2.50 per16 oz. container. I was able to snag several Driscoll’s from among the other brands.

    Also on sale at Dave’s is Narragansett Creamery yogurt. I have just discovered it and am amazed at the creaminess and body plus it just plain tastes delicious. It is now my absolute favorite. It is a bit expensive but the sale price is four 8-oz containers for $5.00

    I am already a fan of their fresh mozzarella.

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      Yeah, I hadn't seen any local strawberries yet--probably just a few weeks early. Isn't the Narragansett Creamery yogurt great?? Their feta is quite good too, use it regularly.

      Is your strawberry pie straight strawberries (like no rhubarb or other element)? I actually don't think I've ever tried making that, sounds good.

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        Fresh strawberry pie is a terrific summer dessert. I also make it with other berries, most often blueberries. It is always a hit.

        Haven’t had much success with other fruits. The flesh isn’t the right texture for uncooked fruit.

        This recipe from epicurious is similar to the one I make. I use my own pie crust recipe and only water to make the filling as I haven’t found cranberry/raspberry concentrate.

        Can’t wait for local strawberries to ripen. They make the best pie.

        Thanks for mentioning Narragansett Creamery feta. Hope to try it soon.

    2. Salisbury Farm
      Sweet Berry Farm
      Schartener Farm

      I went yesterday the berry's are a bit tart though.3 weeks left and the heat will make them pop. California Berrys are good they are big but No flavor. Fl. has a pretty good crop if you can find them.

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      1. re: Frank Terranova

        Fully agree about the CA strawberries. Haven't seen much of the FL crop this year. Not sure if FL had a bad crop this year or whether the local grocers simply prefer to go with lowest price or what looks biggest / best.

        Give me the typical smaller, more flavorful FL vs. CA strawberries any day (except when native berries are available).

        1. re: Frank Terranova

          Thanks for the update. Salisbury Farm is new to me.
          Will give a try.