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Jun 9, 2014 04:33 PM

Global Cheese

Has anyone been there recently? My husband arrived back home ( we live in the country) with Beemster's classic, some non descript blue cheese and something ( processed) called Pave de bourgogne. He was supposed to get gruyere, roquefort and port salut.
I guess he should have checked before leaving but is this normal business practice there?

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  1. Can't say I've ever experienced that, though I always taste my cheese first and know what they look like. I've specifically ordered gruyère there a bunch of times and never received anything but.

          1. re: Kagemusha

            Thanks. Very good thread to revive. Good info to factor in.
            I never had major problems with them in the past thats why I asked.

            1. re: happycamper

              It depends. If you try the cheese and know what you want, you won't have any issues. I've asked them for things numerous times and then changed my mind after tasting them.

              I also do this at the other cheesemongers I shop at. Global is a bit sneaky, so give them less reign. Especially if you seem like you have no clue what you're actually looking for.

              As for the specials, well... it reminds me of cavistes who have "specials" on the bottles of wine that have been sitting outside in the sun for a week or two.

      1. ....did he ask for gruyere, roquefort and port salut? Did he not know what he was getting, or simply did not look? Did he taste the cheeses prior to purchasing? Something doesn't seem right...

        As to Global Cheese, they are hit and miss. Years ago their quality was fairly consistent, now, its a shit show. Their 'specials' are often far over ripe nearly inedible cheeses which they will happily sell you.

        The name eludes me, but there is a superior cheese shop just north west of Global in Kensington.

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        1. re: Sadistick

          While true, if you know what you want and you taste ahead of time, I honestly don't find them to be the worst bet in Kensington. I think it's more of a caveat emptor situation; I notice that they do seem to treat clueless people (especially tourists) differently.

          Cheese Magic (the place you're thinking of) is often staffed by people who have no clue what's going on, though I've had no real issues there either.

          1. re: Sadistick

            Cheese Magic?
            I find the selection at Cheese magic to be better curated. So not as much variety as other places, but well choosen offerings.

          2. Hello there,
            Quick question, was your husband served by one of the salespeople of did he help himself to the cheeses at our self serve cooler? The cheeses mentioned are the ones we sell from our self serve fridge.

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            1. re: Rosemanny

              No two of the cheeses were presented by a sales person and the processed pave de bourgogne he was told to take from the self serve fridge. Needless to say he should have known better than to believe the sales person that is was "the same" as port salut.
              Having lived in TO for years before moving to the country i have had mixed results from Global. This will be our last attempt.
              I further add that this bogus sampling cost $21.00 for approx 250 grams in total!