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Jun 9, 2014 04:12 PM

One Dinner in Seattle

Hello Seattle locals,

My family and I will be arriving in two weeks as those dreaded cruise ship tourists. I did insist that we arrive a day early to at least sample some of Seattle's excellent cuisine. We are staying at The Westin Seattle on 5th Ave. and I'm in search of a recommendation for dinner that night preferably within walking distance of the hotel. Cost isn't too much of a problem but I would like to stay below 60/pp.

I did consider the Pike Place Market Restaurant's but thought they might be too touristy/lacking really good food. Preferably we would like to get some good local seafood. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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  1. Double your budget and go to El Gaucho.

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      While El Gaucho is one of the better steakhouses in Seattle (though I have had good and not so good meals there), I don't think I would consider it representative of Seattle or a place to go specifically for seafood.

    2. lots of threads on this board already answer your questions unless you have something more specific.

      1. If you just have the day, and you've got a bit of a group, I'd suggest either Matt's in the Market or Steelhead Diner. Both are in Pike Place, so you'd get to see that, and they do solidly appealing NW-style food. That's probably your best bang for the buck in terms of both sightseeing and food. Not touristy at all.

        If you're willing to give up scenery and tourism for a pure food experience, there'd be some other choices around.