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Jun 9, 2014 04:10 PM

Belmont, NC recommendations?

Howdy Chowhounders!

You've come to my rescue many times in the past. Now my husband will be spending a few days in Belmont, NC for work-related classes. What's good to eat there? Anything great or at least good that's not a chain? Any semi-healthy food options? Obviously, he could always drive over to Charlotte, but if there's anything closer, that would be awfully nice.....

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  1. Belmont doesn't have any restaurants that are worth mentioning, sure there are restaurants, but I only eat in Belmont if I'm being polite with clients. Ugh.

    Tell him to check out Heirloom, it's about a 20 minute drive.
    And then the usual suspects in Charlotte!

    1. At the high end of the food chain: The String Bean market and cafe. At the low end: The salt and pepper catfish at Twin Tops Fish Camp, a classic. For friendliness and breakfast, Byrum's Grill & Grocery (say hi to Nana and pick up one of her take-out pies).

      1. get some peach ice cream at Tony's Ice Cream

          1. Jia fusion in Gastonia. Please look it up on Yelp. Best sushi and Asian food in North Carolina

            It is JIA Asian Fusion