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Jun 9, 2014 01:43 PM


… and please don't tell me NIXTAMAL…

I love Coatzingo but I am here all the time … and getting a bit sick of it. Looking for some other sit down Mexican food options in this general area.

Also, while I have your attention, what is this dish I see at Coatzingo all the time that has an odd colored green flat thing on a plate with a side of rice and beans? Is that a "cactus steak" ??

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  1. Nopal. Try Tacos Suadero, Guadalajara de la Noche..there about so many options on Roosevelt

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      seconding Guadalajara de la Noche. El Rico Tinto, a bakery with a kitchen, is surprisingly good, they do excellent Cochinita de Pibil, and their specials, usually seafood, are good. that's on 37th and 76th

        1. re: AubWah

          i usually go with al pastor stuff, and i like the tacos better than the tortas. the latter seem a little...skimpy, like something's missing. enjoy the taquitos as well.

        2. re: debinqueens

          I've always had a problem with Guadalajara de Noche. Well, especially with the name. When I see Guadalajara, I expect to see some of the Guadalajara or Jalisco style cuisine on a menu, like tortas ahogadas, the most famous regional specialty. But I don't recall ever seeing it on the menu. The menu is pretty much a carbon copy of all the Poblano food around NYC. It would be like finding a place called "New Orleans Nights" and be finding nachos, cheesesteaks, and pizza on the menu. Or maybe a place called "Chengdu Heaven" to find roast duck and dim sum. Besides the name, I remember the food being OK. I found better tacos at street stalls.

        3. re: AubWah

          I found Suadero lacking in every way. Not terrible just nothing special. Actually on second thought the food was nothing special.. the service, on the other hand, was terrible.

          1. re: shiwujoe

            Which location? You want the one on 90th street

            1. re: AubWah

              I wasn't impressed with their tacos. What do you like there?
              I'm not trying to replace Coatzingo. I still love their entrees. I'm just looking for someplace with great tacos.

                1. re: AubWah

                  How are their lengua or chorizo tacos? Do they have barbacoa tacos?

                  1. re: AubWah

                    i have, and i didn't come away with a strong feeling either way. there've only been a couple of places i really disliked -- the former incarnation of what's now the very good bombon by the mcdonald's on 76th comes to mind. my go-to meats are al pastor and lengua, and coatzingo is far and away my favorite lengua in the area (especially as a platter).

                    el rico tinto, which i mentioned above, does good lengua and outstanding cochinita pibil, but their al pastor was a little too pineapple-y for my liking. good shrimp specials, sometimes tacos, sometimes salads, as well.

            2. re: AubWah

              PS. I don't see Guadalajara de la Noche on Yelp?? Any more info?

            3. Great question! There is A LOT, so it's hard to say definitively.... (and there was Tulcingo around the corner on 83rd st, but it went out of biz)...
              I like Maravillas on 90th street a lot. Also the Mexican place in LIC is great and at a higher end - Casa Enrique

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                There is still a Tulcingo (part of the original chain) on 102 St between National and Roosevelt. that was my go to place for Mexican before Brian S clued me in to Coatzingo. I haven't been back to Tulcingo often enough siince then to offer an opinion if it's still good.

                1. re: Jeffsayyes

                  Can you recommend something at Casa Enrique? Due to positive reviews from critics I've given it 3 chances and each time am disappointed by the flavor, ingredients, price and portion.

                  I had ceviche where the fish was off, did not smell good and I did not finish it, guacamole was oversalted but lacking in flavor or freshness, overpaid for 2 chicken legs in one-note mole, had tough, dry chicken in the enchiladas and the flavors of everything was not the complex, layering that I expected from a Mexican restaurant, nothing sang. The last time I ate there was a year ago and I've noticed the menu has changed since.

                  I want to like the restaurant but I honestly am bewildered by the recommendations of it. I've had much better food at Coatzingo and Nixtamal with Nixtamal being my favorite.

                  1. re: Pookipichu

                    I haven't been there in about a year, but it does look like you've had at least half of the menu. I definitely think it's a different kind of Mexican than Coatz and Nixt.
                    To me, it was refreshing to have this type of Mexican food in NYC - and not be overly pricey. My dishes were cooked how I'd expect it to be done though.

                    Looking at the menu, yeah it has changed a bit. I'd definitely go back to try more.

                    ALSO, regarding Tulcingo... The one on 83rd was independent of the apparent chain.

                    ALSO, I recommend La Esquina de Cameron on Roos/80th. It operates in the back of a deli, serving fish empanadas, fish tacos, fish tostadas, ceviche. I have had all but the tostadas and loved them all. Tremendous value.