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ideas for a savoury salad to bring to a Tropical potluck?

Anyone have any ideas? Could be West Indian, Polynesian, Hawaiian, etc. The hostess is making some dishes with avocado, chicken and shrimp, so I'll stay away from those ingredients. Was thinking of a hearts of palm/jicama salad, or maybe something with pineapple or macadamia nuts. Open to any ideas or recipes. Thanks for any ideas.

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    1. a family favorite is a pasta salad with the protein being canned tuna, Costco is a good brand.
      mayonnaise based with elbow mac, onions, garlic, celery, black olives, dill weed, HB egg, salt/pep, scallion greens, chopped fine mushrooms.

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        pulled pork salad, cut up onions, peppers, garlic, papaya, mango, pineapple, coconut, variety of salad greens with a soy/ginger/honey lime dressing and chopped macadamia nuts/toasted coconut sprinkled over the top

      2. I'm thinking pasta salad with ham (spam?) and pineapple.

        1. i think a rice salad would be good. rice is more of a hawaiian, etc thing than pasta. maybe adapt some pasta salad idea to a rice version?

          1. You could do a traditional Hawaiian mac salad, like the kind you'd find on a plate lunch.

            Or do an Indonesian style gado gado inspired salad -- chopped cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, etc with a peanut sauce dressing.

            1. Tropical Red Quinoa Salad - It's one of my recipes - and converted from an excel spreadsheet, so formatting got a bit messed up -


              Item quantity unit Preparation

              Red Quinoa 4 Cups cooked
              Mango 2 each diced
              Red Onion 3/4 Cup small diced
              Carrots 1.5 Cups grated on the box grater (holes)
              Scallions 1 bunch chopped
              Avocado 2 each 1 diced and tossed in lime juice, 1 whole for the dressing
              Lime Juice 6 oz
              Rice Vinegar 4 oz
              agave or honey 4 oz
              Orange Juice 4 oz
              Salt 1 oz
              Canola Oil 8 oz


              Combine quinoa, mango, red onion & scallions.
              Dice one avocado and gently toss with lmie juice
              Drain the diced avocado - reserve the lime juice for the dressing
              Add the diced avocado to the salad
              Combine all remaining ingredients - avocado, lime juice, rice vinegar, orange juice, salt & canola -
              blend or mix in the robo coupe
              Toss all of the dressing with the salad

              As I'm reading this more carefully, I realize that I left stuff out and must have written it in a huge hurry - so it may need tweaking - and I also think that some coconut milk in the dressing would be really good.

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                this gets my vote.

                this or a hearts of palm salad, which i love, too.

              2. Sri Wasano's Infamous Indonesian Rice Salad, from the Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen. Reproduced here: http://livinginthekitchenwithpuppies....

                Also +1 to the poster who suggested Gado Gado. That is always a huge hit across the board.

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                  That salad is really good. I haven't made it in quite a while, but I remember it's always a bit more work than I anticipate. Not the end of the world, just a thought.

                2. Moroccan lentil and carrot salad. Lots of recipes in the ether.

                  1. A colorful slaw could be great. Red and green cabbage, shredded carrots, jicama, green papaya, green onion, cilantro, lime vinegrette and crushed macadamia nuts on top

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                      Green papaya salad . . . Yum! I like to mix in quick-pickled, julienned carrots + daikon. I also prefer to quick pickle red onion, as the strength of pure raw onion is overwhelming to me. Never thought of macadamia nuts on top, but that sounds really great.

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                        Ooh, good idea with the quick pickle veggies too! It would be a good foil to some of the more sweet dishes at the party...

                      2. Always refreshing is fresh pickle of pineapple & cucumber salad with chopped tomato and onion, and topped with chopped cilantro and/or fresh chili pepper. Simple mixture of vinegar/lime juice, sugar, salt (optional fish sauce), chopped garlic. Of course you can scatter the macadamia nuts for extra crunch.

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                          tell me when you're gonna make this-I'd like to taste it

                        2. my husband & his buddy's have a favorite BBQ joint they frequent during lunch. he's talked (fondly smiling) about the 'cole slaw' salad that comes with each meal.
                          Friday night I attempted it from how he'd said it tasted. I can't taste but can feel. he said pretty spot on.

                          green cabbage
                          purple cabbage
                          scallion greens
                          onion (I used because I had) Vidalias
                          1/2 stalk young celery
                          (purple cauliflower) not called for but I had it
                          raw peanuts in skin

                          Demerara sugar
                          rice vinegar
                          juice of 1/2 lime
                          soy sauce
                          toasted sesame oil
                          red pepper flakes
                          ground ginger

                          taste for seasoning add s/p as needed

                          sliced all I could on box grater sliced what I couldn't thin with BF chef knife.
                          the raw peanuts are coarse chopped and are strewn over the top.

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                            "what I couldn't thin with BF chef knife". no idea what my fingers goofed on with that statement. did the smaller veg sliced thin with Bobby Flay's knife.

                            was thinking of this one because if someone is doing the chicken and shrimp, maybe a salad or a few salads without a protein would be welcomed.

                          2. Hi, Prima:

                            Oriental BBQ Chicken Salad w/ Pineapple & Lychees

                            Marinate 1.5 lbs boneless chicken breast pieces for at least 2 hrs in:
                            3t oyster sauce
                            1t light soy sauce
                            1 clove crushed garlic
                            1/3t hot pepper flakes
                            1t hoisin sauce
                            1t rice wine
                            Juice of 1 lime

                            Grill chicken for about 3min/side until golden. Remove, let cool , and cut into strips.

                            Prepare the salad using:
                            1.5t peanut oil
                            2t ginger
                            2t garlic
                            3 shiitake mushrooms, cut in strips
                            1/4C each of:
                            zucchini, julienned
                            snow peas
                            sweet onion, thinly sliced
                            yellow and red pepper, juliened
                            bean sprouts
                            won bok (napa cabbage), shredded
                            3t chopped ripe pinapple
                            3 lychees, cut into pieces
                            2C cooked rice noodles
                            1/3C wonton chips

                            Preheat a wok over high heat. In peanut oil, stir-fry the ginger and garlic until fragrant, about 15 seconds. Add the mushrooms, zucchini, peas, onion, peppers, sprouts and won bok, stir frying for about 1 minute (veggies should be crisp). Off the heat mix well, and add the pineapple and lychees. Add the chicken and set aside. Just before serving, add the following dressing and toss:

                            Roasted Cashew Dressing (makes 1/4C):
                            1/4C balsamic vinegar
                            1t minced fresh ginger
                            1t minced garlic
                            1t honey
                            1t fish sauce
                            1t light soy sauce
                            2/3C peanut oil
                            1T roasted sesame oil
                            1/4C chopped roasted cashews
                            (you make an emulsion by whisk/drizzling the oil into the other ingredients, then adding the nuts)

                            Serve the dressed salad on top of a bed of noodles, and garnish with the wonton chips.


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                            1. I think something with citrus is nice. You want to cut all of that sweetness and spice.

                              1. Mango and black bean salad or wild rice and edamame salad

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                                1. With all of the great ideas being suggested here, I sure wish that I had an invitation to this potluck dinner!