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Crepes for Bánh Cuốn?

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Does anyone know if there is somewhere in the Dallas/Richardson area that sells fresh made crepes for Bánh Cuốn? I know of a place in Houston, but not one in DFW. Since I can't get them as thin as I'd like, I thought I might be able to get better ones made over fabric instead of with a crepe pan. TIA!

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  1. Not sure if they have what you want but you might give Saigon Block a call. They cater to a mostly Vietnamese cliental.

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      I don't believe Saigon Block wouldn't have it. I would seek out the only bahn cuon restaurant in DFw and ask them.

      I believe they are still in the Saigon Mall at Belt Line and Jupiter. You might could ask them if they could sell you only the wrappers sans the fillings.


    2. You might try Kim Lan Food To Go.