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Pizza tonight in Asheville. Pizza Pura or All Souls or ?

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Help me out local hounds. Which one?

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  1. Pizza Pura. Just my opinion. They're both good, but I like the crispy Pizza Pura scene!

    1. I prefer Pizza Pura

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      1. re: miss piggy

        why in the world would a pizza place not serve lunch? we were so disappointed last Saturday when we tried to take your recommendation for Pizza Pura! It's also frustrating that the Junction closed on Sat for lunch now. Tough to eat in the RAD unless I'm in a white duck mood.

        1. re: danna

          Wow. I didn't know that. It looks like they'd do good business at lunchtime, being near downtown.

      2. Pizza Pura

        1. P.P.

          1. All Souls! They grind their own grain. Nothing better then sitting at a picnic table outside, drinking a local brew and feating on a asparagus pizza!